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On the new profile beta

Add ?ver=2008 to your profile url to see the newest beta. The design post is here.

IMO, this is a big improvement from the previous beta. And I might be in the minority but I've always found the current profile clunky.

I'm trying to keep in mind that it's a work in progress. We might loathe it with every fiber of our being but I do hope peeps stop adding to the dogpile of "OMG, THIS SUCKZ" comments. 'Cause I doubt LJ is just going to scrap the revamp. At least this time round, rather than just forcing us to accept a less than ideal version, they're considering feedback and working at it.

mordyn4's comment was helpful and without the wank, which made me go \o/ - especially since it pointed out things that I'd totally missed.

And while users might hate stats at the top, community mods may appreciate not having to go to full view everytime they want to check for trolls et all.

Ok, yeah, I'd prefer the bio and friends closer to the top. And yeah, all the blue links are killing me (my posting access comms list crosses 250 so *winces*) but if you have any alternative ideas, do share them with the designers. Something might connect with them.

I don't know. I see all the complaints and then think "...and?" Would love to see more innovative ideas or helpful suggestions in the comments. But this is LJ - perhaps the community has been burnt one too many times to really do that.
I like the beta actually, tho I kinda wish it wasn't so....stark. It looks a bit too functional and less flashy but maybe it would work with a more flashy profile layout or something, I dunno. (too lazy, tired, and sick to do one now tho)

I think they're still focussing on getting the structure to flow well and then will prob focus on design after. In that sense, it's quite different from the previous version which makes me happy - 'cause it shows that they still seem to be working at it.
*nods* Yeah. It's been the same old, same old ever since I've been on LJ (04?) so it's about time they did something different. Maybe they should work on having different themes like they do with the LJ layouts, but that could be a bit too much work. *chuckles*

*points to comment bellow* I do worry it might become a bit like myspace's profiles but...having a couple of main colorschemes would definitely break away from the facebooky feel

I love seeing design updates - DeviantART's always has me going *_* so even though they could have focussed on other stuff that's needed more, I can't help but be excited at the prospect of a new profile design.
I saw the comment and agree with it totally. I haaaaaaaaaate MySpace (tho I just recently got one, whut? It doesn't work tho LOL so I abandoned it pretty quickly. Just confirms to me that they faaaaaaaaaaail hard) so anything that looks anything like that would be a definite NO! *shudders*

It's like on one hand peeps are complaining that the design team is going the way of facebook but I'd prefer facebook to myspace. And in any case, I think the design/graphics aspect will come in towards the end. I like that they're focussing on structure for now.
*nods* I think ppl are just so resistant to change, especially when most of the changes around here haven't exactly been for the better (for some ppl anyway). I don't mind it and am willing to wait until they get all the bugs and design issues sorted. =)

With the latest change in management, things definitely feel like they've taken a turn for the better. The policies on art, the ads, possible search in future *\o/*, more icon slots, stats/tracking options - LJ finally seems like its getting back in touch with the rest of the web. I wonder what the site will be like a year from now :)
So far I'm enjoying the new profile beta.

If anything, they should make a few different color schemes we can use.
Oooh, custom colors for profile pages would be lovely :) Though too much individual control could lead to awfulness as epic as myspace layouts. So perhaps a few main schemes in blue or grey or tans or something...*_* I can't wait for the day all the blue links are toned down.
Heh. When I posted and saw that it went on page 4, I was a little worried because I thought it would be lost in the sea of wank. I made sure to comment before I read any of the others, and I was surprised by the nastiness. I mean, I knew people would hate it, but this was like a chorus of "YOU SUUUUCK!" from the Wedding Singer.

And I love stats at the top. :P The logic of the page is getting better imo, they just need to apply some finesse.

Someone went crazy with the double linkage though, that is not good.

I dunno, I watch the suggestions comm and it just seems like there's a huge gap between the people who comment and post there and the people who comment on these admin posts. Maybe users who normally wouldn't be interested in these types of admin posts got more involved after strikethrough and all the 6A drama. And are still very angry. >.>

But yay! You were able to fish out my comment! *is relieved* :P
I was like, oooh, numbered list! Who is this person who posted something so awesome?

O_O. \o\o/o/

Your comment actually pops out because it's one of the few that are actually *constructive* and not layered with hatethis and oldversionisBESTEST.

I expect to see the suck!comments on every post that announces when something is getting changed but I thought there'd be more comments with actual content to them too.

The suggestion comm is awesome and I wish LJ would just ask for feedback over there. The readers at least seem to be interested in improving functionality, design et all - while at the same time very aware of what works well on LJ.

After reading your bits, I was like, MOAR, NAO- sadly, I couldn't find much else. Trying to sort wank from actual critique is too annoying.
Wow, I just looked and really the first words in my head were "hell to the no." I find it has too much white space for my tastes and looks messy and unorganized.
I'm not too stressed about the white space/design aspect of it ATM as I a on the structure (what goes where) especially in comparison to the previous beta. This layout reads easier that the that one, most def.
That was the #1 comment when they revealed the previous beta version. I've kinda accepted that they want to change it -even with so many other awesome ideas on the suggestions comm that get ignored. So might as well try to get something that works better anyway.
Not gonna lie, at first I wondered if we might score extra brownie points for turning on the beta version. It looks neat and professional, but I do prefer the old version more. It is refreshing to see new change, though. Yet, if it changes, the world will not end as we know it.
The old version is very linear and easy to read :) But we also have stats and other stuff hidden which is annoying as hell sometimes.

I'd totally switch to the beta #2 for brownie points XD
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I guess I'm hoping that the recent/planned developments on LJ are signs of a team that's trying to change things for the better. It might just be a wish but..*lives in hope*
this new page is basically the same as the old

O_O Do you have a cap or something of the old 2006 version? Would love to see it. If this is the case, then damn.

That design of yours is what reminds me that yeah, the current profile could def work use a revamp. Really don't get why they didn't use it at that time. The concept just makes sense.

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I like the idea of the stat box on the profile page, without having to go to full version. I'd rather it not be on the top however. The years I've been a member only make me feel like a crotchedly old fangirl >.> *is vain* Maybe after the bio? Hmm...

True. Complaining is a lot easier than critique after all :/
I always feel a chill down my spine whenever I hear of a new beta. Sometimes I like how some things are and don't really want them changed. I guess I'm only talking about the style chooser,it always confuses me now. I hate it. I don't even want to look at the profile beta. My profile is perfect as it is...I don't even want to touch it (I don't want the huge blocks confusing HTML to get scrambled xD)
I guess it'd be nice if it made the profile making easier,but not change the actual look of the profile.
Ok,just changed into beta. Don't fancy the block/square at the top but it's alright. I like the dividers and the big text for the sections. Still,it's a little all over the place though.
As long as they always give us the option to opt out, I won't complain. I'm still using Dystopia, so obviously, I don't like change. ^_^

I believe I need to dedicate my post to you today. Happy Birthday!
Oh yeah, I think it's definitely improved over the previous beta. I couldn't tell you why exactly but it looks more streamlined. I'm fine with it.
Happy Birthday darling Glacia! I was writing a futuristic Harry/Draco for you, but... it will be belated.


(I hope not as belated as some others I have, omg)
Happy Birthday!! I'm about to email you a few snippets of the Scorpius sequel-in-progress as your 'present.' Which is cheating, I know, 'cuz it's yours anyway and, uh, you shouldn't have to pay for your own present? But... er... hope you enjoy anyway! Heh. And have a great day. :)