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On the new profile beta

Add ?ver=2008 to your profile url to see the newest beta. The design post is here.

IMO, this is a big improvement from the previous beta. And I might be in the minority but I've always found the current profile clunky.

I'm trying to keep in mind that it's a work in progress. We might loathe it with every fiber of our being but I do hope peeps stop adding to the dogpile of "OMG, THIS SUCKZ" comments. 'Cause I doubt LJ is just going to scrap the revamp. At least this time round, rather than just forcing us to accept a less than ideal version, they're considering feedback and working at it.

mordyn4's comment was helpful and without the wank, which made me go \o/ - especially since it pointed out things that I'd totally missed.

And while users might hate stats at the top, community mods may appreciate not having to go to full view everytime they want to check for trolls et all.

Ok, yeah, I'd prefer the bio and friends closer to the top. And yeah, all the blue links are killing me (my posting access comms list crosses 250 so *winces*) but if you have any alternative ideas, do share them with the designers. Something might connect with them.

I don't know. I see all the complaints and then think "...and?" Would love to see more innovative ideas or helpful suggestions in the comments. But this is LJ - perhaps the community has been burnt one too many times to really do that.
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I guess I'm hoping that the recent/planned developments on LJ are signs of a team that's trying to change things for the better. It might just be a wish but..*lives in hope*
this new page is basically the same as the old

O_O Do you have a cap or something of the old 2006 version? Would love to see it. If this is the case, then damn.

That design of yours is what reminds me that yeah, the current profile could def work use a revamp. Really don't get why they didn't use it at that time. The concept just makes sense.

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