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How to Find ANYTHING you want on LJ

Have unlocked my List of Shiny Comms for 24 hours.

Save the links and don't share them around publicly. Will be locking the post tom.

If you have useful additions, do comment but I'd like to keep this on the down didn't get the links from me, alright? But if you need a referral, drop me a line XD

Edit: Post is locked now.
shiny list is shiny~~~~

omg I may be a wee bit sleepdep atm ahahhaahaa but wtf there are no instructions for some of them and im a bit paranoid lol i shall investigae ewhen i am mroe arewayke awake
omg i heart you like whoa!

i've had some luck with the_gloryhole for pr0n of the gay variety

if you like stock icons, i have to recommend the lovely girlboheme, whose icon journal, girlyb_icons, is an all-time fave of mine...there's soooo much stuff, and all the images are clean and gorgeous and i worship at her altar

she's not a comm (*g*), but lately i've been getting all my caps from marishna

ooh! one more! i noticed you didn't have crack_impala on a recent convert to the awesomeness of supernatural, that was one of the places to which i was directed

*goes back to lurking*
For Iconage I RLY liek lecollage. Not only do they have prettiful icons, they make their icons from art pieces so they introduce you to RLY good contempartists.

I really agree that lecollage is a great place to find icons and other graphics! The only bad thing is that the owner of the community is going to be deleting it soon. She made a post today that we should save everything that we want because it's not going to be around too much longer.
those are awesome - thanks!! :D I have been DYING for a new audiobook comm since the one I used to be in was shit down :(