Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Yaoi, Music, Michael Shanks and Fanart

[001] I've really warmed up to the drawing style of mangaka Koide Mieko, especially after reading Junjou Karen. Have uploaded it here - feel free to snag :)

[002] Michael Shanks in Stargate Atlantis was AMAAAAZING. Daniel and Rodney were awesome to watch and I never realised how much I missed listening to Daniel's monolguing XD

[003] Visited muvibee and ended up listening to Jason Mraz's I'm Yours on repeat. Can't believe it's been out since 2005 and I only just heard it this past week.

[004] Some recent bits of awesome on DeviantART:[005] Have never bought a celebrity/character doll since they rarely match the real thing/image in my head. But this Angelina Jolie doll proves that fandom pwns EVERYTHING.

[006] libby_drew pointed our that if Disney made a movie of a Soccer mom (aka, PALIN) becoming Vice President, this would be the trailer. Probably XD

Edit: *deep breath* Just wanted to thank laila_rue, ivles, carameltrap, hydrangea, windfallen, _pinkchocolate, neversleeps, scrtkpr, rickey_a, tray_la_la, meritjubet, bydaylight, gunfair, kirarakim, bewarethesmirk, oboros, megyal, sharona1x2, phoenixacid, literati, dragynville, painless_j, avalon13, sulky_rhino, khateh and snegurochka_lee (♥ ♥ ♥) - y'all made my b-day that much more special *tackle hug glomps*

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