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Yaoi, Music, Michael Shanks and Fanart

[001] I've really warmed up to the drawing style of mangaka Koide Mieko, especially after reading Junjou Karen. Have uploaded it here - feel free to snag :)

[002] Michael Shanks in Stargate Atlantis was AMAAAAZING. Daniel and Rodney were awesome to watch and I never realised how much I missed listening to Daniel's monolguing XD

[003] Visited muvibee and ended up listening to Jason Mraz's I'm Yours on repeat. Can't believe it's been out since 2005 and I only just heard it this past week.

[004] Some recent bits of awesome on DeviantART:[005] Have never bought a celebrity/character doll since they rarely match the real thing/image in my head. But this Angelina Jolie doll proves that fandom pwns EVERYTHING.

[006] libby_drew pointed our that if Disney made a movie of a Soccer mom (aka, PALIN) becoming Vice President, this would be the trailer. Probably XD

Edit: *deep breath* Just wanted to thank laila_rue, ivles, carameltrap, hydrangea, windfallen, _pinkchocolate, neversleeps, scrtkpr, rickey_a, tray_la_la, meritjubet, bydaylight, gunfair, kirarakim, bewarethesmirk, oboros, megyal, sharona1x2, phoenixacid, literati, dragynville, painless_j, avalon13, sulky_rhino, khateh and snegurochka_lee (♥ ♥ ♥) - y'all made my b-day that much more special *tackle hug glomps*
HOLY CRAP! That Ariel artwork is gorgeous!! :) <3 And wow @ the Angelina Jolie doll. That is perfect! I don't usually like getting fandom figurines because of how terrible they usually are, but this one is fantastic!! :)
usually disney pieces just look like a Disney copy or look so different that you can't see the original Disney character. The artist really did a briliant spirit in capturing Ariel's spirit :)
I think it's great to be able to see other people's interpretations of the Disney characters. :3 This one isn't exactly the way I would have pictured her but it's a beautiful representation nonetheless. <3 <3
That angelina jolie doll is so COOL. Not a big fan of her but the artist really did a GREAT job. AND YES KOIDE MINEKO. I REALLY REALLY LOVE HER JUNJOU KAREN.
Same here on both counts! It's just the fact that most professional companies do SUCH a sucky job that I just went *_* when I saw the likeness!

Usually have one or two faves from mangakas - stuff that they did that *really* worked for me and Junjou Karen was the one from Koide that just clicked :)
I usually feel vaguely guilty about reading teacher/student romances. :/ I suppose it didn't help that all of my teachers have usually been 40+ probably 50+.

That doll is amazing. I guess with mass produced dolls, that sort of detail and precision is removed for getting the dolls in the stores as quickly and cheaply as possible.
LOL, totally understand that - though the age diff in this case isn't much :)

There *are* probabl ways to get better faces done, but *shrugs* Toy companies make money on so much crappy stuff anyway >_>
You're welcome! ♥ I hope you had a great day. Also, I LOVE KOIDE MIEKO OMG. Have you read Kiss ja Tomaranai! and Kuchibiru ni Amai Doku? They're two of the most adorable mangas ever.
Kuchibiru is insanely cute and the ending pages of Tomaranai had me laughing and laughing XD Kuchibiru and Karen ae my faves though :)
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You really shouldn't offer drabbles because...*grabby hands* there's no way I'd EVER say no XD Y'know, unlike fics where I figure I love your stuff anyway so you could just keep writing the fics you're doing ATM and I'm a happy ducky :)

Perfect Son and Behing the Mask come to mind (it is sad how fast my mind jumped to them *facepalm*) so if you ever get an idea for either \o/

And you already gave me an early b-day gift last weekend actually XD
Am taking Junjou Karen. The summary and cover look interesting. Thanks for sharing :)
A belated happy birthday! ♥ I'm sorry I missed it :/ Did you have a lovely day?
God, I effing loooove Michael Shanks/Daniel Jackson. He's a weakness for me. I've not been too into this season, but leave it to Daniel Jackson to suck me back in. *knees weak* I've got a couple links to him reading some audio books if you're interested. >.> No. I'm not obsessed.