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James/Scorpius art! BY THE AMAZINGLY TALENTED draykonis!!! And in the full size version you can read the Honeydukes sign :P

_pinkchocolate, I need your email!

Edit: You can see the initial sketch over here! And you can send feedback to the artist overe HERE

The concept: James and Scorpius are in a relationship during their final Hogwarts years and this particular scene is on a Hogsmeade weekend. The light from Honeydukes pours out through the stained glass behind them as Scorpius says something funny and James leans in close to kiss the smile off his face -__-

Dray was superfast and got the concept I was going for. She also was very patient with last minute nit picks and obliged me with all my requests. Just wanna thank her again for such an amazing piece!
It turned out the posters were a bit too distracting from the peeps so they had to go :( You could always assume they're on the wall opposite the one pictured XD
I'm so happy with it and she did a brilliant job with the stained glass!embrace concept :)
Yaaaaahhhh that is so pretty! I looove James' freckles and Scorpuis' smug smile and the way he's CLINGING...GUH. OMG the lighting and the details and the cleanness of the painting style. *fants self*

Thanks for sharing, hon!
I knew what I wanted nad Dray really captured it in the sketch - and I commissioned her based on her excellent painting so I couldn't WAIT when I got the sketch. The final piece has me all *_*
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Uhuhuhuh, they look so adorable together, and I really am partial to those wickedly crooked eyebrows - *steals when you're not looking* XD
Dray's character designs are just lovely, aren't they? Knew I needed to commission her as soon as I saw her James and Scorp!
shmexsay [at] yahoo [dot] com :D :D :D

fdafjkawk;lejwlaf;e omg okay so I tried to leave a semi-coherent comment at Dray's LJ, but I REALLY CAN'T HOLD IN MY SQUEETASTIC LOVE FOR THIS PIECE. THE STAINED GLASS LIGHTING IS SO GORGEOUS AND I LOVE YOU FOR THINKING OF IT. As much as I adore Scorpius and his Malfoy smirk here, this drawing has converted me into a James fan. The hair and the freckles and hands!! *_* Also, I'm so glad she took the time to work on the details, because the Honeydukes sign is made of SERIOUS WIN.
Hopefully you'll have gotten an email by now XD

ISN'T IT JUST FABULOUS? The stained glass really makes it such a romantic piece and sets it apart from the regular street scenes one tends to see *_*

I love the height difference and they just look like a couple - the freckles are adorable on him (esp as a brunette, lol) and the embrace is so intimate yet lovable and cuddly. Just. Romantic. I'm so happy with it all! It's so GORGEOUS. I knew from the sketch that the finished piece was going to be stunning and...*\o/* YES, YES, YES.
Great artwork! I've always liked James/Scorpius way more than Albus Severus/Scorpius (probably because they're more antagonistic towards each other).
I like the older/younger dynamic too, which sets it apart from being H/D version 2.0 which is what I do get from AS/S. Looking at the pic, I'm reminded about all the reasons the ship works for me :)
That turned out fantastic! I love the detail she threw in there - especially the black board. You're a lucky girl! ♥