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Getting back into reading *books*

[001] Question: Do y'all use custom colors for friends on the flist? I've never tried it but was wondering how peeps tend to use it? How exactly do you color code?

[002] For the new profile beta, I love that by using the ban_set command in the admin console we can hide any communities we want from being listed (posting access is only viewable by the owner of the account in the newest beta!) - SO useful for comms we don't want visible...or just peeps like me who join 250+ comms.

[003] Just finished John Levitt's Dog Days and I'm looking forward to the sequel, New Tricks which comes out in November. I also ended up watching fangs_fur_fey, debut2009 and shared_wisdom. Need to add Spontaneous Derivation to feeds and look into SF Novelists. Am constantly surprised by how many authors can be found on LJ though O_O

[004] Do y'all have any recs for Urban Fantasy books? Or plain fantasy? I'm looking for books with male protagonists, NOT female. Some of the ones I've enjoyed are:

Am also making my way slowly through Discworld and I have The Dresden Files in hand.

I wish there were a place that lists recent and maybe not so recent first books of trilogies and/or sequences of 4 or more books. I keep stumbling on lists which point out Book 2 or 3 in a series and it's so frustrating trying to find the first books instead >_< Grr. Argh.
I don't have any recs but Hero and the Temeraire series are some of my favorites. ♥
When I joined I used the colour code option however it never showed up. Probably because my journal layout was not compatible with the code. I chose colours that suited a person, or what I thought suited them. When I got to know them - well, I should have changed some of the colour schemes :P Now I believe that I have too many friends to remember who is who from a colour scheme.

Hmmm. What highly suspicious comms are you hiding away? ;)

Valiant, by Holly Black (which is, uh, book 2 but I read it first and I believe it can be read as a stand alone) University is evil for getting me out of my reading habit. :/

*approves of Discworld reading*
Custom colours the usernames? I did that before until I use the customised layout and it doesn't show at all.

I rarely read urban fantasy, I think mostly due to the lack of these books available here. As for the gen fantasy, what I know and have consist of female leads. Bother. I never realise it until now.

Have you ever tried The Chrestomanci series? The protagonist is usually a male. Well, in The Pinhoe Egg and The Lives of Christopher Chant.

Wiki has a long list of fantasy books available here if you want gen fantasy books. I hope that'll help somewhat.

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I use to use custom colors when I first started on LJ, but now I make more use of filters to keep my flist categorized.

I have the Dresden Files but haven't had much time to read them. Also have Nightlife and Temeraire but again, no time. Dog Days looks interesting. I'll have to check it out.
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[001] Some peeps seem to have white or black or grey layouts and so the colors on the flist page prob let them find important posts I guess. Not really sure - I usually just get distracted by the colors >_>

[002] Actually, I've always been able to see anyone's posting access comms by clicking full view on their profile in the current version - but with the new beta, the option disappears and the comms are completely hidden...
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*_* That would be so awesome - there's quite a bit of stuff about lj I've managed to miss so *hopes*
I use the custom colors just to spice things up. There really is no method to the madness, mainly just picking two compatible colors to represent someone.
4. Only thing that comes to mind right now is Freeman's Borderlands. Well ... that and Gaiman's stuff. And maybe Flewelling's Nightrunner. But those I'm assuming you already read.
I'm thinking of trying The Temeraire series. I should get a copy of book 1 as e-book.

I don't like Discworld.
the Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud? lots of political intrigue and hilarious footnotes.
I've been on eljay so long that I'm most comfortable with the boxer and/or generator styles. With these styles it is easy and convenient to have each friend represented by a different colour. I've selected colour schemes for friends at random, so when they pop up on my flist, they are represented by their color. After so many years of being friends with some people, it's amazing how much I associate a certain colour with a certain individual. Also, colour schemes make it easy for me to group community types together when reading my community filter. Each book community is sea green, each HE community is white, each Iheart is navy blue, each yaoi/manga community is cobalt blue, and so on. It makes it easier for scrolling purposes in that sense. As for friends, *shrugs* I don't know if it makes any differences having colours for people. I like it, but I've been doing it for 7 years. Your layouts are so beautiful, I'm not sure colours would fit them very well. Anywho, love you tons! xoxox (sorry for spamming your mailbox today - I'm catching up on my flist this evening).
I use custom colors to spark my memory of the original journal style. Or sometimes, just to distinguish from one LJ to another. But I have only have a small number of friends to deal with, so... *shrugs*

Oh, oh! Check out the Nightside series by Simon R. Green. The first in the series is titled 'Something in the Nightside'. If you like the style but find the plot a little lacking, just keep reading till the 4th book at least, you won't regret it.
This might be a really dumb question, but where did you find the info about using the ban_set command to hid community info in the profile beta?