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Bit of linkage

[001] libby_drew wrote a bit of original slash fic which is just lovely.

[002] Wallpapers for October (they include calendars ^_^)

[003] Top 7 Most Used Fonts Used By Professionals In Graphic Design - and I actually don't have half of them :(

[004] If you've always wanted to try using Hulu but live outside the U.S. this might be useful: Access Hulu from Anywhere

[005] True Blood is trashy vampy goodness - half the time I'm facepalming and the other half I can't stop laughing. It's so bad, its good XD EGGPLANT!PENIS FTW.
I totes agree with you about True Blood. The acting is so corny and terrible, but I am completely sucked in. <3 Love it! And Ryan Kwanten is awesome. Gotta love my fellow Aussie. :3
oh, some of the wallpapers are great, but i still love the one i picked up last month! maybe i'll change it in november :D

ETA: re: often-used fonts: my cv is in garamond :)

Edited at 2008-10-01 04:21 am (UTC)
Thanks for the article about the fonts. I was actually surprised that I have five of the seven fonts mentioned.

Also, you are so right about True Blood. My friend actually got me to watch the show because she doesn't get HBO. She comes to the house every other week and we watch them together.
Thanks for the Hulu link. I remember when someone recced it to me and I was excited and then I couldn't watch free tv. Oh, the tragedy... ;P
ooh yay, i always look forward to these wallpapers! i shall consider them an early bday gift! XD
Thanks so much for the Hulu link! Now I can access my shows instead of downloading them all, yay :D