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SPN pwns politics

Watched SPN and then googled for VP debate news.

Just trying to figure out if Palin answered most of the Qs with a non-answer, which seems to be her trademark. Need to find a highlights!vid or two...

Do hope there's an SNL version of it out though :)
Ooooh, thanks. I wonder how many times they pointed that out to her before they gave up?
If you're wondering where everyone is, the last chapter of DDG has been posted. :P :P :P
Lol, will prob read it in a month or two XD Though it'll prob ake me much longer for QoM since that's one WiP that I lost interest in a while ago. Def going to finish DDG though :)
I thought she asked if she could call him Joe early on? And was she really smiling/laughing a majority of the time?

This is like Twilight reviews - I don't want to read the book but I want to hear all about it - and especially the parodies that somehow manage to ring truer, LOL
Am reading them right now, LOL

(you are so much easier to read than actually watching the thing or the articles out
She was a bit better than normal. At least she didn't embarrass herself as much as she did in that gawd-awful interview with Katie Couric.

Though, "better than normal" doesn't change the fact that a lolcat has a better basic understanding of syntax.
Like coffeejunkii mentioned - it might have been a tactic so that she'd come out smelling like roses for the debate. All she had to do was not appear stupid really. Biden had a tougher order in that aspect. And she did manage to a lot of attention to McCain's campaign - it's the economic crisis that made things slump for them really...
She referred to someone called Joe Six-Pack. This is apparently an average American, though it is my understanding that the six pact refers to that he will be getting drunk soon and not to his supposed glorious abs.

Lots of non-answers, indeed.
Just trying to figure out if Palin answered most of the Q's with a non-answer. Oh, absolutely. Pity I couldn't kept count how many times she did that during the debate.