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First two new animes...

When I watched Casino Royale, I was surprised by how old it looked/felt for a James Bond film - and then by how much that look felt right.

It feels like they're trying to do the same thing with Casshern Sins:

Not enough plot so far, so it still depends. But in any case, its oldschool!shiny.

Hyakko - kirarakim recced the new show based on the first episode and there's a reason I liked Azumanga Daioh, Gakuen Alice, Kare Kano et all. It all comes down to the expressions and timing, lol.

And despite it just being about 4 new girls who got lost in school, it was an excellent intro:

Our man girl has the mos adorable crybaby!expression:

We also have those chibi!moments that can even be found in Kare kano:

This is the character that sold me - jumps out a second story window and for some reason made me think girl!Duo. DON'T ASK ME WHY:

Well, girl!Duo hurts her ankle but then...

We have girl!Heero, complete with monosyllabic answers and intent gaze XD

I like girl!Duo.

A lot.

Especially when she constantly refers to girl!Heero

And puches a witness to their accidental vandalism...who turns out to be their teacher.

But yeah, it was fun ^_^ First surprise of the anime season!
I hope Hyakko stays good. I like the characters already but it all depends on the writing. I will at least hope for something as good as Minami Ke. :)

And I ended up watching Casshern too. I am not sure how I feel about the story (maybe too somber for me) But the awesome character designs and that lovely beach scene between Ringo and Casshern tells me I should give a few episodes a shot.
If I were to compare Hyakko and Casshern, Hayakko would win out 'cause it had more going on and felt more meaty and interesting. Hopefully, that will last :) That was the main reason I watched Minami Ke too XD

The only thing Casshern really wins out in is art, so...let's hope the plot is good. I don't know, was hoping for something...more. Will try the next few eps though. If I drop it and peeps find it picks up at the end, will add to marathon list :)
I thought Casshern was well done. The character art was simple and it gave the series an overall sombre look which is how it's supposed to be. I'm sticking with this.

For some reason the girl!Duo reminds of Maka in that uniform.
I like the art a lot, but there wasn't enough story yet for me to really get excited about it. Will wait for the next few eps :)

I think the ponytail at the back gave a duo impression but the loose hair on the left and right looks like Maka XD
Yeah, it's not like, say Sunrise or Satelight's series where first episode just blew you away. ^^
I'm wondering if Casshern will be a 26 or 35 episode series since the previous was 35 episodes.

And the fact that she was crazy enough to jump out of a second floor window. lol.
I wish there were a way to just know when a series is going to be awesome instead of just having a fabulous first episode and then trailing off...or just being lackluster throughout :( It's the main reason I end up waiting for stuff to finish airing >_>

Is the episde number listed at ANN?

HAHA, yes - and then when Suzu landed and the camera did the up and down movement and they were both together XD Girl!Heero&Duo!

*repeated headdesk*
Nope. Only two episodes available. Since this is Madhouse, I'm going with either 26 or maybe 30+ episodes like they did with Death Note.

The only way to ever know if the series is going to fabulous is to watch it all the way and even then, there's no telling if it'll be great. Like how MF started off fabulous and then dipped and then that ending. lol.

I'd love it if it were 30+ as long as they don't lose track of the plot :)

Yeah, I usually end up relying on peeps who are watching it *coughcoughlikeyoucoughcough* before giving it a second try XD