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From Canada With E-Love (X-Men Evolution) Parts 1 to 9

Title: From Canada, With E-Love
Author: gossymer
Fandom: X-Men Evolution
Pairing(s): Mostly canon only...Lance/Kitty, Rogue/Remy, Kurt/Amara, Scott/Jean etc.
Summary: The story is based on email correspondence between various X-Men on a school trip to Canada and the remaining X-Men back at the mansion
Author's Notes: I actually wrote this a long time ago, while X-Men Evolution was still running (so its definitely mid series AU) and I was much younger. I've been getting the urge recently to have it worked over and redone and...continued. So I'm posting it to see if anyone would be interested in reading more or being a beta...

Emails #1 to #9Collapse )


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