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Writing, Mushishi and Tech stuff

[001] Has anyone ever written fics with anthropomorphic personifiction? Y'know, like having Death as a skeleton that walks around collecting people's souls? I was wondering how y'all come up with the personality/character.

[002] At the start of the month I began writing short 300 word pieces of fic. I make no excuses, it's bad fic. I'm probably even worse than I was in highschool 'cause at least at that time I would write more often.

Still, it's nice to do some daily writing exercises. It probably won't lead to anything but... \o/ If y'all want to check it out, wince and realise how gifted y'all are at writing fic, the stuff can be found at inkythumb. No fanfiction - I suck at that even more than regular fic since everyone becomes incredibly OOC. If I do write slash at some point it would probably be original fic and not fanfic >_>

[003] Watched Mushishi over the weekend and after Natsume Yuujincho, it was fabulous. Probably one of the best examples of anime that would really work with adults. The lack of a core cast was the one thing I wished had been different (since apart from the main guy, we see most of the other characters in only one or two episodes) but it's still a great anime.

[004] You can watch quite a bit of anime online legally nowadays. Joost and Hulu have both been streaming various shows (articles here and here) including Naruto, Bleach and Death Note. You can check them out here and here

[005] Lifehacker pimped out 6 Windows Themes including my ol' fave, SlanXP \o/ Very shiny.

[006] If you're like me and don't have Cable TV, Livestation has some pretty cool features which includes the sci fi channel.

[007] Looking at posts like this reminds me that I need to get back to layout design *_*

[008] Most useful link of the day: batch image processors :) Don't you hate editing photos one by one?
Yay Mushishi XD

I am really glad you enjoyed it. Personally I don't think this type of series really needs a core cast. Ginko is meant to be a wanderer. He forms good relations with the characters he helps but he always moves on and never had a place to return to.

Also while Ginko was always there I felt the main characters were actually the characters he helped. Essentially the main character changed because each episode was a different story instead of the whole series being one continuous story.

Although I will say Adashino and Tanyuu return in the manga! :)
Yeah, the episodic story format meant that wanderer!Ginko was perfect and ultimately he was pretty much an oserver to the stories. On one hand this means I could show any episode as a stand alone to other peeps and it would work for them - or the other hand, I miss having a secondary story that threads through all the episodes, like Natsume did. It defintely works, but it might have connected even more with me personally with an emotional link to characters across episodes *shrugs*

But it was awesome, and I should check the manga :)
Yeah I guess both series have their strengths and weaknesses. I am biased towards Mushi-shi but of course I adore Natsume too as you know. :)

Mushishi=♥ I personally agree with the above commenter about the cast. Ginko is never the focus of the story, except for those 1 or 2 episodes, he's the only recurring character but he's not the one the attention is focused on usually.

He was pretty much one of us, who asked the questions we wanted answers to and most of th time, the main peeps of the episodes obliged him. I guess its a tapestry of different characters that don't have a common thread apart from the story of life.
Agree with the two people above me on Ginko.

Mushishi is definitely one of the best animes I've seen, so I'm glad you enjoyed it! ♥
I'd never given it a proper chance (played the first ep in the background twice) so I went back after Natsume and got hooked :)
Thanks for the Windows Theme. I've actually been wondering how to get new themes to spice up Windows XP. *squish*

I've been writing fics here and there and uh, not making much progress at all. *sighs* It's like getting hit with inspiration to write and write and then, blah. And I'm so rambling on that. ^^;

Have been meaning to check out Mushishi for a while now. I'll try and see if I can any active torrents for it around. If not, get the DVD.
*hugs* Enjoy! The one I use takes much less space and is pretty minimalist XD

It's the inspiration that's hard for me - trying to find something to write about in the first place, especially if there isn't a fanfic world or pairing to fall back on. And yeah, getting started and running out of inspiration and its like, okay, what next? LOL. I'm keeping it to 300 words so that I can play around and try a lot of different things. Maybe something will spark.

Gal Anime has links to MU and I think anime_downloads has alternatives...^_^
It's probably why I stick to writing fanfics so I can play around with characters, situations and pairings. I did tried original fic before but I couldn't find the inspiration for it. Too hard.

I know what you mean. You start off great and then it tapered off into lukewarm near the end and you're out of ideas on how to end it. ^^;

I like the conversation fic you wrote. Really hilarious.
I love playing with anthropomorphic personification! Death is one of my favourites (mostly thanks to Terry Pratchett) but Fate and Chaos are close seconds. In terms of deciding on characterization, I usually do it one of two ways. Sometimes I think about how that concept feel to me, what images and emotions it bring up when I think about it, and try to translate that into a person. Second, I look at how other people have done it and how people assume Death, for example, looks, and then try to defy those expectations until I get something interesting. ^_^

Also, Mushishi was great. One of the most original ideas I've seen in a while, and I loved the art.
I'm so glad you made this post, because it's wonderful to see all the people commenting about Mushishi. It's a series I've recommended very highly to everyone who will listen, so it's nice to know others enjoyed it, too.
I've only written Death in Pratchett fanfic so far, therefore Pratchett did all the characterization for me...