anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

my head, my head ;_;

This song is stuck in my head. DAMN YOU KISS FM.

Any songs playing on repeat in your heads?
Lol, I am unashamed of my far eastern music but the western stuff can really make me wince though, not sure why XD Will look up those songs :)
Yesterday it was "When I need you" >.<

This morning, it's "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" by The Script. But now, thanks to you, it's "If I Never See Your Face Again".

But the song can't be that bad surely? But I guess the it can be very annoying if it's on replay the whole day. LOL.
HAHAHAHA, When I need you, lolol

Need to look up the song by The Script...

Kiss FM tends to replay the stuff like hell, yeah. I actually like Maroon 5 but when they're played so very many times...;_;
O.O When the heck did this MV come out?...I am so disconnected from mainstream music right now. *embarrassed laugh*

I have that hideous Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus/Barbie Gone Country song in my head, that "See You Again" song. No thanks to my little sister.

And I've been trying to flush it out with a lot of screamo but nope. I'm still going "oh she's just being Miley," la la la. Bah.
This entire week it's been Song of the Wind from Jo Sung Mo.
Cat power - The Greatest.

The lyrics and sweet singing just ahhh. Perfect for right now.

Oooh, also Led Zeppelin's "No Quarter." Masterful.