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...I've lost count of the number of times I've seen HD and thought "Harry/Draco" instead of the High Definition or Hard Drive.

And I usualy go \o/ at the thought of the first and then feel a bit miffed when it turns out to be the later two.

Ahahah, I once had a math prof explaining a formula like this:

Probability of (D|H) = (P(H|D)xP(D))/P(H).

I will probably NEVER forget that formula ever :D:D! .... And I may have started giggling, earning me some confused looks (and an eyeroll from my best friend haha)
:D:D, well, 1 I should hope :D. If there should be a rule that states: P(H/D) = 1 :D:D
Every time I see TW for Torchwood, I automatically think of Tom Welling (the actor on Smallville). The realization that it's Torchwood is always accompanied by this small little deflation of joy.
The true sign of a devoted slash/yaoi fangirl. ^_^

Or...just a sign that you might be reading ff a LOT. =P

That, like happened to me too. Numerous times. Then people asked me why I was snickering at a Hard Drive.
I do this... ALL THE TIME. I'll find myself smiling about it in situations in which I can never ever explain what I'm actually smiling about... =)
:D You make me laugh. Wouldn't it be great to switch to an HDTV channel and get some great Harry/Draco fics turned to movie or manga cartoon?!
Haha... Me too! Sometimes I can't help cracking up when I realize my mistake. It tends to garner a few odd looks. XD