Goss (gossymer) wrote,

On tipping...

Coming from asia, where tipping was not the norm growing up, I still have trouble calculating a tip. So looking at the tax and doubling it, for instance, is new to me.

And then finding out that in some cases, the servers make more money than the cooks made me go o_O

I guess I'l try to do the 15% pre/post tax for servers and add a bit for those in the kitchen on the credit card receipt in future.

But everyone has their own way of doing it *shrugs*

The best bit was this:
"Wouldn't we all love it if restaurants paid all their employees appropriately, set prices to reflect that, and prohibited tipping, so that the business transaction aspect of dining was no different than the business transaction aspect of seeing a movie or buying shoes? And best of all, there would be no more tipping threads!" - OP

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