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Icon Tutorial!

Program: Photoshop CS



No brushes, textures, or layers needed to complete the 9 easy steps to do this.

 Step 1:
Download the full size image used here
Open it in Photoshop & Crop to 100 x 100 pixels

Step 2:

Check Show More Options to show all options available

Amount: 25
Tonal Width: 200
Radius: 0

Amount: 50
Tonal Width: 30
Radius: 30

Color Correction: +5
Midtone: Contrast: -15

 Step 3:
Filters> Noise> Median

Radius: 2
 Step 4:
 Edit> Fade

Opacity: 30
 Step 5:
Filters> Sharpen> UnSharp Mask
Amount: 75
Radius: 1.3
Threshold: 3
 Step 6:

Image> Adjustments> Auto Color
 Step 7:
Edit> Fade

Opacity: 25
 Step 8:

Image> Adjustments> Levels
Input Levels (the three boxes): 0    0.95    255
Output Levels (the two boxes): 10   244
 Step 9:

Filters> Sharpen> Unsharp Mask
Amount: 25
Radius: 15.0
Threshold: 5


End Notes
It may seem like a whole lot of steps but its just about selecting a tool and moving the sliders) about. Play around. I usually just do Shadow/Highlight, Median and Unsharp mask and its rather quick. You can even Save the settings used or record them via actions.

If there is anything you don't understand or just feel overwhelmed- I'm definitely willing to help ^__^

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Great tut! I always start with adjusting Curves and/or Level, so it didn't have the same effect as this. I'll have to mem this. Thanks
While I'm not too comfy with Curves, Levels i can't live without...though usually its after I've done all the other steps ^__^ One thing that has caused much PS CS worship is Shadow/Highlisht...trying to learn the new Exposure tool in PS CS2 though...
I'm fumbling my way through CS too. I've used photoshop 7 before and I've been using it for years, but I still feel like I have to relearn everything. Sigh.

Yes, Shadow/Highlight is extremely useful, along with Brightness/Contrast.
Awesome tut! I've never used this sort of way to make icons, I will definitely have to try it out.

Thankies muchly!
The norm seems to be dozens of layers and blending modes...but really, that can be done in any program...PS has a lot of goodies that are usually ignored so definitely give 'em a try
FINALLY! I've been in need for a tutorial on how to slightly enhance tears or sweat. Thanks, adding to mems.
If you combine Median+Unsharp Mask+Levels, tears and sweat should be as clear as possible - also, those tools are fabulous for general clean ups as well...
Thanks for the tips! Little tricky to figure how how it translates to GIMP, but once I figured it out, it's easy to do.
I really didn't think tools like the Shadow/Highlight were available in GIMP...but if it translates, that's awesome
- (Anonymous)
can this translate to paintshop? doubt it but if anyone knows let me know