anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

It's scary how many oldies I know I've heard so very many times, but never bothered to remember the names of the songs *headdesk*

And I'm not sure how you take the original Maneater song and get the Nelly Furtado version O_O The first song has a completely different feel.

ETA: Yay for top 100 lists - but lets see if I can find an 80s online live radio...

Child of ETA:
OTT's Story of Love

Cardigans & Tom Jone - Burnin' down the House \o/
Out of Touch! Goodness, those mullets. And that leopard suit. And the giant drumsticks.

That was a remake? I mean, I've heard her song loads of times but I never connected it to the one by Hall & Oates.
Never realised until I say the video that Ross and Chandler's 80s selves in Friends were modelled after them!

wikipedia says "its subject matter were adapted and re-interpreted" by Nelly. So, very loose connections and definite influence XD