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It's scary how many oldies I know I've heard so very many times, but never bothered to remember the names of the songs *headdesk*

And I'm not sure how you take the original Maneater song and get the Nelly Furtado version O_O The first song has a completely different feel.

ETA: Yay for top 100 lists - but lets see if I can find an 80s online live radio...

Child of ETA:
OTT's Story of Love

Cardigans & Tom Jone - Burnin' down the House \o/
RE: Nelly's Maneater

It's kind of along the same lines as what Kid Rock did to Sweet Home Alabama, isn't it? Both new ones are kind of catchy and definitely more interesting to listen to then if they were just a straight remake, but I'm still more partial to the old classics. ^_^;;

La, I so <3 80's music. It's the best part of the weekends around here. My radio station plays nothing but all weekend long. XD One Night in Bangkok, Thriller, The Warrior...I think it's the cheese. It's just fun to indulge. XD