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Initial sketches of Toph+Zuko Commish

Ninjatic has done my favorite fanart of Toph as well as a fabulous one of Zuko, so when he opened up commissions I HAD to get one.

Here are the initial sketches (CLICK FOR ZOOM)


While I love the first one, I wanted more Toph so the second one is the piece that wil be finished :)

Will probably get Zuko's fist slightly smaller and hair slightly less fluffy, Toph's lips and left hand showing and them both aged up just a bit ^_^
*hugs* can't wait for the coloring *_* It completely changes the impact of an image XD
How funny, you appeared twice in my friends page XD thanks for posting all those lovely animes in that other community.

BTW, WOW! That's some great commission to get =D
Omg, I thought the first one was awesome enough when you showed it to me, but the second one is even more awesome omgomgomg. !!! *jealous*!