* just ducky

All about visuals...

[001] I'm incredibly happy with my userpics right now. They really click with me personally, even though only 20% of them were actually made by me. They still make me nod and go "YES"

[002] Forget about shipping and fandoms. This brilliant art is something I feel I'd want to frame and put on my wall even 20 years from now. My first thought was, I want a print version. It's fantastic because it's really all about the love. Damn it, wow.

[003] greenbergtoons on the newspaper endorsements for Obama: MADE OF WIN

[004] kerryblaze and coffeejunkii pointed out men kissing and underwear and...it's all at a PANEL? Yup.

[005] I really enjoyed episodes 6 and 7 of True Blood, which were probably the best episodes yet. Also liked My Own Worst Enemy which was surprisingly good.

[006] It's Sylar! No, it's Spock! Wait, it's both.

[007] If you have photoshop and rarely use it, here is an awesome showcase of actions. Just open a picture and click play and the action does your work for you.
Lol, didn't think we'd have underwear and snoggage at the panel too but shouldn't have been so surprised considering a certain actor XD

I just like watching the slashy clips of TW :) Used to watch the first season but...*shrugs* lost interest early on in the second.