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Shoujo Manga opinions?

I've enjoyed a handful of shoujo manga/anime in the past: Kare Kano, Gakuen Alice, Skip Beat, Perfect Girl Evolution and Nodame Cantabille.

Was looking to try out something new and these were the mangas recced over here that I'll be checking ou at some point:

Also looking up: Koukou Debut, Emma, Mint na Bokura, Crimson Hero and Basara

Koukou Debut, Mint na Bokura and Crimson Hero I've read before but am not sure why I stopped.

If y'all have read/checked out any of these manga before, would love to hear your opinions whether they be postive or negative :)
Hana Yori Dango has to be on that list. I tend to watch shounen, but I watched the first season of the jdrama (which was awesome as well) then read the 30+ volumes of the manga in less than three days. LIFE, WHAT LIFE. It drag around the mid20's but even so HYD = ♥.