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Let's see how long I can keep this up...

Alright, its just past 5 in the morning and I think, I'm going to do this- I'm going to try maintaining an actual LJ ^__^

I don't have any idea where this is headed- though I'll probably start posting my wallpapers, icons and graphics here, which should be fun...

You know what I'm going to just post my list of interests- most likely anything that pops up here will fall under them:

Authors (Books): JKR (Harry Potter Series), Phillip Pullman (His dark materials Trilogy), Jasper Forde (Thursday Next Series), Mary Janice Davidson (Undead series), Tamora Pierce (Lioness series), Mercedes Lackey (Last Herald Mage Trilogy, Joust Trilogy, etc.), Eoin Colfer (Artemis Fowl Series, The Wishlist etc.), Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker Series), schadenfreude's Sundering Saga- unpublished and can be read here + new version is on her Livejournal which is even better and SUPERB...friend her to read it though.

Music: Arabic, English, French, Hindi, Japanese...if I listen to it I'll probably develop a taste for it, even if I understand only a handful of the words.--Get Anime music here

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist -#1 favorite, Kare Kano (His & Her circumstances), Angelic Layer, Love Hina, Naruto, Prince of Tennis, Hikaru no Go, Eyeshield 21, Trinity Blood, Fruit Basket, Robotech (only one in English), Gundam Seed, Peace Maker Kurogane, Read or Die, Noir, Trigun, Rurouni Kenshin, Beet the Vandel Buster, Bleach, Yakitate Japan!, Major, Inu Yasha--Anime available here

Manga: Gantz, Fire Candy, Ares, Addicted to Curry, Black Cat, Bleach, D.Gray-Man, Death Note, DNAngel, Eyeshield 21, Hunter x Hunter, Neiji, Slamdunk, Zetman--Get Manga here

Yaoi Manga: Viewfinder -#1 Favorite, Crimson Spell, Bondz, Romantic Egoist, Heero Heel, Presentiment, Kawaii Hito, Gerard et Jacques, Denkou Sekka Boys, Invoke, Komatta Toki ni wa Hoshi ni Kike -#2 Favorite, Kuro no Kishi (Black Knight), Rin, Silver Diamond, Trouble Double, Wild Rock, New york New York, Gorgeous Carat--Yaoi manga available here

Movies to look forward to: Latest Harry Potter film, Lion, the witch & the wardrobe, X-Men 3, Pirates of the Carribean 2, Brokeback Mountain, His Dark Materials, Ghost Rider, Underworld: Evolution

TV Shows: Supernatural, Everybody loves Raymod, Malcolm in the Middle, Friends, Dead Like Me, Buffy/Angel/Charmed/Queer As Folk/Alias- first few seasons, Enterprise, The Dead Zone, Dead like Me and Wonderfalls

Food cravings: Sashimi, Goa pork sausages, butter chicken, chicken tikka, stone's ginger wine, port wine, bueno or galaxy chocolates, nescafe kenjara coffee, German Chocolate Cake or Strawberry Cheesecake icecream, middle eastern shwarmas, palak paneer, chicken biryani, orange peach gummi penguins, roasted portobello mushrooms

Apathetic towards: Sex & the City, raw tomatoes, sports (whether it be cricket, socccer or rugby or WHATEVER), bible spouting street walkers, agressively vocal angry commentators


That's about it :) If you happen to still be reading this- drop me a line - I'll probably squee all over the place since I have no life, lol

*hands over brownie*

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