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Feel free to skip >_>

My interests section on my profile is hopelessly outdated so was wondering what stuff I'd need to add to make it more...current.

I added soul eater and natsumenatsume yuujinchou and ookiku furikabutte (since I love to read about them) but I wanted to also add stuff I actually *blog* about or have squeed over this year and not just in high school, lol.

Anything in particular that seems to be missing?
Comics? or a more specific title like Young Avengers. Rookies? or a more general Jdramas Um. I was surprised that you had harry/draco and not harry potter (as in the series).
Me as a H/D shipper > me as a general HP fan :) It's something I've come to realise over time XD

OMG, YA! And yes, Rookies! I'd add Ultimate Spiderman 'cause I totally still follow it but...never blog about it >_> Probably should stick to stuff blogged or read on flist...
I tend to enjoy some fandoms more than the actual canon as well. Probably comes about from entering the fandom before watching/reading the canon first >.>

So you're enjoying YA a lot? The gay in comics lived up to your expectations? ^___^
I really want more of YA, 'cause it feels like I barely began more chappies :( Want to sink my teeth in more.

With some things I tend to focus more on canon but it depends...some stuff has fabulous fandoms :)