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My interests section on my profile is hopelessly outdated so was wondering what stuff I'd need to add to make it more...current.

I added soul eater and natsumenatsume yuujinchou and ookiku furikabutte (since I love to read about them) but I wanted to also add stuff I actually *blog* about or have squeed over this year and not just in high school, lol.

Anything in particular that seems to be missing?
I used to adore blonds, still do (Draco, etc). I never liked brunettes until a while back. I think it was Chris (Charmed) who changed my mind about them. But redheaded guys? They are special cause they are quite rare, though there seems to be tons of redheads lately.

You're not the only one. I have a list of long-haired characters I go to pieces for. Yuri Lowell (Tales of Vesperia) is my newest one.

Did you know I nearly cried when I realise that Kuchiha was a girl? She was voiced by Paku Romi and I actually wanted her to be a he.