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Icon comms

Since I got rid of my icon communities from default view and switched them to my icons filter, I've found I could handle more comms and so this week I've added the following anime!icon comms:

One or two are on a trial run and I may drop after a while but \o/ I'm constantly surprised by how many anime!icon makers don't join elite comms - makes it harder to find them >_<

Am also tracking their 'requests' tag so that I get an email whenever requests go up...which is what just happened with shingetsuu *evil laugh*

Other icon comms I'm watching:

bubblemilk | disneytastic | estheticons | goodstockicons | halare | hip_animanga | iconnaissances | limbslikewire | onlydreamers | scifi_exclusive | sgc_elite | sundry_icons | takenote_icons | weapon_icons | whoresque | yarinige

That will hopefully be the last icon!post I make for a while so y'all can breath a sigh of relief XD
There are several icon makers who do fab Bleach icons. I have an old iconspam of my favorites by myrasis @ weapon_icons







But yeah, Bleach, Naruto, HP...too many icons out there to sift through. I'm betting those comms listed above have more than their fair share too XD

&heartrs; you. Can't wait to get home and upload these. Especially love the Renji/Rukia one, because I so so ship them atm since he ♥ her so much (at least in ep 20-23).

Thank you bb!