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...aka why it pays to stay up late!

credits: via legomymalfoy who got it from arie


"Okay, so I came across this incredible deal on Victoria's Secret bras. Get 2 VS bras AND 1 panty AND 1 free small bag for ~$20, SHIPPED. This deal only works if you do it this way. Follow instructions carefully.
  1. Go here and choose any TWO of the 2/$44 bras

  2. NEXT, go here and select ONE panty in white, ivory, buff, pink, or black (cotton). ONLY THESE COLORS (in cotton) WILL WORK.

  3. NEXT, go to your shopping bag and ticky the box for offer codes. You'll go through a few intermediary pages before coming to the page to enter your offer codes. Fill out those pages...

  4. FINALLY, enter these three offer codes:
    FA814857 for a free bag with a $50 purchase
    FA813789 for $10 off any bra
    25PTY for $25 off any two bras, and a free panty"


I convinced myself just this morning not to go to Kohl's/Macy's/JC Penney 'cause I'd end up buying a $30 bra instead of waiting for sales. AND WAS BLESSED WITH A VICTORIA SECRET DEAL



Ah, good day of shopping :3
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I ended up getting the demi in deep ruby and a racerback full coverage in black :3 Hope you found some you liked!
They ran out of messenger bags by the time I went this morning. ::pouts:: But no big deal--still ended up with 2 bras and a panty for under $20.

Apparently that's what happens when this deal is all over the internet. XD
The bag was a bonus - I just wanted the bras really XD Knowing the internet, I was worried the deal would be gone in a few hours so am glad you got it!
dude, wow \o/ Mine ended up at 19 something but *_* Such an awesome deal and I went to sleep with fuzzy feelings in my heart which is what a good shopping deal shared does to me XD
I'd suggest sooner rather than later 'cause internet deals get over pretty fast when it comes to combined coupons and stuff XD

I forwarded this on to a bunch of friends, hope that's kosher?
The bag isn't available any more. Per VS:

Due to popular demand, the free item associated with this offer code is no longer available. Thank you.

But dude! I got 2 bras and a pair of underwear for $17.99: including shipping! How awesome is that? Thank you!

The bag disappeared early on but that was pretty much a bonus for me XD I just wanted the bras LOL \o/
This is *fantastic*. They're out of the bag but I'm still getting the panty and two bras for $19.07, shipped. \o/
I don't even know you but you are SO AWESOME. Thanksthanksthanks!
Thanks for the great deal! It's like an early Christmas. I still can't believe I just got two VS bras for under 20 dollars.
Haha, I secretly lurk and we do have quite a few things in common, but I just had to comment and say thinks. :3

You've made my day! A girl can never have enough undergarments...
My total was 39.99 because of stupid international shipping...dammit. Whole total of merchandise was 12 dollars but shipping and handling was 27.99...