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randomosity on an icon

It's sad that when I see this icon by silkcups @ berunkasuteru, while my first thought is gorgeous and i want to use it, my next thought is, oh crap, people are going to think I fangirl Edward Cullen - and then I decide, no, won't be using it.

Usually with Jeremy Dufour and Boyd Holbrook, I'm happy with the mind link to Draco Malfoy...but with Gaspard Ulliel...damnit, I wish peeps didn't relate him to Edward. Or at least, that my own mind didn't always make that association now :(
I'm pretty sure that the majority of people using Gaspard icons are using them as Gaspard ones and not Edward ones. And anyway when they're Edward ones it's somehow made obvious: like with quotes or some sort of horrible manip stuck in there. That icon right there looks perfectly fine :)
Yeah, there are prob Holbrook!icons and Jasper!icons that are used due to appreciation of the model, but the first time I saw Gasper, he was introduced as a visualization Edward Cullen and now its really stuck in my brain :< Sometimes, I do wish mindwipes were possible, lol
I may be missing something here.... Edward's the Twilight character, right? People associate Gaspard Ulliel (who is OMG yummy!) with Edward? *is confused*
Before the movie was announced and casting decided and probably when the second book was still new, yeah. Was introduced to Gaspard images with the idea that he was 'Edward Cullen' much like Boyd was 'Draco' *shrugs* It happened and that's the way I automatically see him when I stumble onto a picture *sigh*
I had forgotten that I'd seen him in Edward Cullen icons until you mentioned it. Before I read your post, I was thinking, "I have seen that guy before and wasn't he in something about Hannibal Lecter?"

Doesn't look much like Edward Cullen, though. Or maybe it's me? He looks like a young, broody guy with a ciggie.

And I don't think Edward Cullen smokes. *snickers*
Hahaha, it's the guy Gasper used to be = Edward. There were icons with his as Edward and the girl from the move 'a Series of Unfortunate Events' (the sister) was Bella XD

So it really doesn't matter what he's doing, the brain mumbles OhyeahEdward a second or two later :(
- (Anonymous)
A) very much the same :(

B) He's pretty and makes for very pretty icons XD Yeah, it starts and ends with eyecandy and little else hahaha

o.O; Why does Gaspard = Edward? I fucking love Gaspard. He's a fabulous up and coming French actor with some real talent to back him up. He's charming and charismatic. :( I don't understand why all of those fucking twilight fantwats obsessed over him for a few months, but I'm grateful that he didn't lower himself to that role.

Gaspard = ♥

Oh, I've read the other comments now. Um, I'm not a fan of Hannible. I adore him from A Very Long Engagement, Jacquou le croquant, Paris, je t'aime, and I'm very excited for the upcoming The Vintner's Luck.

French cinema = ♥!

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YAY FOR NEW BRAINWASHING MATERIAL - hopefully I can get rid of the connection and get my opinion of Gaspard up at the same time :)
How horrible! Twilight is ruining the pretty. Bastards :/

(oh! and I've already watched three episodes of Beautiful People and is fantastic and camp *_*)
*nods* ;_;

(WOOT WOOT! It sort of gets better as it goes - or finds its groove in the second/third eps \o/)
Really? Cause you say Gaspard and I say OMFG HANNIBAL I LOVE YOU.