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Oofuri recs?

In the past two days I saw 3 ookiku furikabutte icons being used by the flist and it made me all \o/ Ended up rewatching the anime and catching up on the new manga chaps and...kinda wanna read Hanai/Tajima and Abe/Mihashi fics now XD Anyone have faves they could point out?

In other news have switched my default userpic out for the winter versiion done by epicfail XD

Also did a non B/W icon of my Jamescorp commish:

Is it sad that the only remaining highlight of the week is the new userpic slots tom? I hope LJ comes out with a decent system for it *hopes*
Oh. One other thing. haha. milavalentine did this amazing sketch series but some of the pics were down because photobucket so I was waiting till she moved their links. That's taking a bit, however, she did put them all in her lj-gallery, as well as all of her other Ookiku stuff.

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