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Anyone interested in a vacation picspam?

Oye, every time I check out the H/D Friends Meme, it seems like the comments double O__o

Some fabulous RL news that has me squeeing in that I just got my driving license (so I'm 19 but legal driving age here is 18). Really feeling blessed though, since out of the 16 females who took the test (both on automatic and manual transmission cars), only 2 other people passed. So.

Totally psyched.

On that note, since my dad is fine with me driving the car (with him in it, of course) for the weekend, would y'all be interested in some pics of my home city, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates? I'm thinking that I could grab some shots of:

- the malls...there are over 12 in the city and that's only the major ones...
- the ever so dusty skyline
- the creek and the dhow boats
- the beach (lots and lots of white sand...though that's pretty much everywhere in Dubai)
- the gold souk (shops upon shops with wall to wall gold)
- the main church my family and I go to (which is massive)

Other things too but yeah. And the Dubai Summer Surprises (shopping festival) starts today so w00t! Can't wait to check out the city wide sales.

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