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yet another post on your flist...

...on the new profile:
  • We will adapt.
  • It's the profile page, not the end of the world.
  • Still, 18+ pages of compaints aren't going to make it go away.
  • Both old and new versions had/have drawbacks. That's life lj for you.
  • At least the profile page is not a WIP of doom and its finally up.
  • Love it or hate it, life moves on.

Generally, I'm much happier with LJ admin/news/heads this year than in the past year or two. At least they're getting things done >_> Am sad the new userpic slots aren't available yet.

Personally I find the new profile more functional (stats, people vs comm filters, '(hidden)' etc.). Gives me an excuse to revamp the bio XD I just like it when sites do revamps (e.g. DeviantART)

ETA: grrliz has an AWESOME post about the new profile that's worth reading.

Son of ETA: If anyone wants a quick glimpse of what the initial beta looked like in July, here and here. You can tell it's definitely changed with time.

Grandchild of ETA: Dug up grrliz's userinfo revamp idea of 2006


I was beginning to think I was the only one who supports the sudden change. ):
LOL. Same here.

I commented on the post and then I saw some of the other comments and got nervous they would swamp me. :P
Actually, this is a lot better than what happened when Facebook changed layouts. That was an ouch-y earful...
LOL, icon.

At least some of the complaints are from people who followed along with the feedback process, but the majority just never paid attention to the 6 or 7 times that it was announced in various admin comms, including news.

Heh, I can't stop looking at it... :D

Also... thank you. :)
Though there are peeeps who are angry that they left feedback which wasn't considered >_> Still, the majority just went ME NO WANT or ignored mentions of the profile changes till now. Now that IMO is made of fail.

HEE, myrasis is a genius with icons :)

*hugs* Didn't want to add to the flist spammage but...*shrugs*
People are upset because they gave feedback about how they disliked the profile page when it was in the beta stage and their feedback was ignored.

As for me I will live with it but I really don't like it.

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I'm quite sure the added '(hidden)' was 'cause of a question I asked XD

I think LJ had a creative design they were sticking to, so they probably didn't really considering major changes to the new version, just tweaking.

With the internet, I actually WANT change 'cause LJ feels so very behind compared to other blogging services >_>
- (Anonymous)
Those comments are probably the reason peeps get ignored when they leave feedback. I myself ended up scrolling 'cause they all seemed to say the same thing.

I do check stats on profile pages so the new version is an improvement (don't have to click ANOTHER linkt to check community stats)

Lol! We're getting more icon slots - either free or paid, I'm not sure but *GRABBY HANDS*
lol. I just updated with how I like it. It's less cluttered than the previous profile page where all the comms were lumped in one huge pile there. It's neat, easier to navigate and much cleaner.
Definitely feels less outdated and more organized :) And finally having everything on one page instead of two is awesome.
I don't mind it. I think a lot of people just don't like change in these sorts of things. It'll take some getting used to, but I doubt it'll be the end of the world.
This is especially funny since the squee on the flist recently was all about politics and CHANGE, LOLOL. Ah, LJ *facepalm*
I love the new profile page. I've been betaing it for weeks now and it's so much easier to use/navigate/etc.

Plus...PRETTEH! :D
I didn't use the beta since my fingers twitched with the need to revamp the bio everytime I used it and I figured I'd wait till it went live XD

And now \o/
My dislike of the profile page stems from my (limited) experience as a web designer and their claim that "The design team put hundreds of hours into this redesign". First of all, it doesn't look all that different from the old profile page, and second, I'm scrolling twice as much to get to the information that I'd really like to see, which kind of defeats the purpose of the profile. To me, anyway. I want information about a user, and I want it fast. The sooner I can see it, the sooner I can act on it.

I wasn't part of the beta process, because I don't believe that LJ actually listens to anyone, but it doesn't look like they put any thought into what users actually use their profiles for. Instead of taking it from the top and developing it for active use, they just decided to give it a random makeover and shuffle things around. That doesn't take a whole design team and "hundreds of hours".

I'm just not impressed with something a complete design noob could whip up in a day's time. I'd like to think that LJ isn't employing complete design noobs. :/
Compared to the previous tentative revamps shown over the years, this is a HUGE improvement. And the info I most pay attention to are bio and stats especially (which I usually had to click another link for in the past)

Since the new management I was surprised by how receptive LJ was to feedback. Usually they'd just throw things at us and that was that.

And after being on's mailinglists I realised that peeps o lj have entirely different ways of using it - some HUGELY different. It's pretty impossible to please even half of them IMO, so as long as LJ keeps at it, I'm okay with it :)

It's easy to design pages, but getting feedback, testing, reworking, fixing bugs, can definitely see why it took so long.
At the moment I don't really care either way. It was going to happen anyway and there were time where you could give feedback, so...

Anyway, first thing I did this morning when I checked LJ was to see about the userpics. Nothing! There is the tragedy ;)
Exactly, life moves on people XD

I KNOOOOOOW, that was my immediate comment to the news post, which was basically, "but where have all the new userpic slots gone?" Ok, didn't say THAT but XD Am still waiting :(
I did but managed to contibute to your thread on the comm XD

*hugs* The asshats will go back into the woodwork with time :)
The fact that they decided to change it first and tell us second bothers me more than the fact that I really dislike it.
They usually implement changes and then announce them (navbar being one example I think) but this time they beta-ed it for several months before implementing it. So the announcement was there in a way, though a lot of peeps didn't really pay attention to the requests for feedback I think...
Now that it is up and not in the testing stage...I like it, it puts all the info out there. I don't have to click the full profile view to see the last time someone updated.
That's the exact reason I'm a fan of it - its especially useful for f-locked ljs, to find out if the user actually is active and when they last posted and save you the trouble of friending/defriending which is a whole 'nother drama illama *sigh*
They fixed the one big issue I had with the beta version, so I'm fine with it. It's not like I use the Profile page for much anyway. *shrugs*

I have to admit, it's amusing watching the total outrage over it on my flist. ^___^