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yet another post on your flist...

...on the new profile:
  • We will adapt.
  • It's the profile page, not the end of the world.
  • Still, 18+ pages of compaints aren't going to make it go away.
  • Both old and new versions had/have drawbacks. That's life lj for you.
  • At least the profile page is not a WIP of doom and its finally up.
  • Love it or hate it, life moves on.

Generally, I'm much happier with LJ admin/news/heads this year than in the past year or two. At least they're getting things done >_> Am sad the new userpic slots aren't available yet.

Personally I find the new profile more functional (stats, people vs comm filters, '(hidden)' etc.). Gives me an excuse to revamp the bio XD I just like it when sites do revamps (e.g. DeviantART)

ETA: grrliz has an AWESOME post about the new profile that's worth reading.

Son of ETA: If anyone wants a quick glimpse of what the initial beta looked like in July, here and here. You can tell it's definitely changed with time.

Grandchild of ETA: Dug up grrliz's userinfo revamp idea of 2006

My dislike of the profile page stems from my (limited) experience as a web designer and their claim that "The design team put hundreds of hours into this redesign". First of all, it doesn't look all that different from the old profile page, and second, I'm scrolling twice as much to get to the information that I'd really like to see, which kind of defeats the purpose of the profile. To me, anyway. I want information about a user, and I want it fast. The sooner I can see it, the sooner I can act on it.

I wasn't part of the beta process, because I don't believe that LJ actually listens to anyone, but it doesn't look like they put any thought into what users actually use their profiles for. Instead of taking it from the top and developing it for active use, they just decided to give it a random makeover and shuffle things around. That doesn't take a whole design team and "hundreds of hours".

I'm just not impressed with something a complete design noob could whip up in a day's time. I'd like to think that LJ isn't employing complete design noobs. :/
Compared to the previous tentative revamps shown over the years, this is a HUGE improvement. And the info I most pay attention to are bio and stats especially (which I usually had to click another link for in the past)

Since the new management I was surprised by how receptive LJ was to feedback. Usually they'd just throw things at us and that was that.

And after being on's mailinglists I realised that peeps o lj have entirely different ways of using it - some HUGELY different. It's pretty impossible to please even half of them IMO, so as long as LJ keeps at it, I'm okay with it :)

It's easy to design pages, but getting feedback, testing, reworking, fixing bugs, can definitely see why it took so long.
I think it'd be great if users could customize the order of their profiles. Like, I don't want my stats readily available to the public eye, so I want them stashed at the very bottom, and my interests are something I feel passionate about, so I want them to come before my bio. Stuff like that.

Guess I'll put that to them at the feedback comm. I haven't really been in the development loop until recently, so yeah.

Man, cross-browser testing is a bitch. I totally get that development takes forever, I just wish they had a little more to show for it, you know? How bad were the earlier designs? Do I even want to know?
IMO, I'd prefer it if customizing order was a user viewing option. So you could see interests at the top of all profiles if you wanted while I could have stats at the top of all of mine :) That way, everyone wins and gets what they want out of the order XD

Previously I think the development loop wouldn't have been much use but nowadays my hopes have improved ^_^

I KNOW, GOD ;_; I hate cross browser testing, especially IE, though now we have crap that only looks good in firefox and screw the other browsers *headdesk*

The earlier designs made me cringe - at the this latest version wasn't as made of fail. And under the previous management feedback wasn't really considered for those versions - at least no updates to those versions were made. This one got more tweaking with time.
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I was cringing when I read those comment pages for beta pages since all anyone would say is OMGTHISSUCKS and they didn't seem to get that it would continue to suck if they didn't have something more constructive to comment with *sigh*