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yet another post on your flist...

...on the new profile:
  • We will adapt.
  • It's the profile page, not the end of the world.
  • Still, 18+ pages of compaints aren't going to make it go away.
  • Both old and new versions had/have drawbacks. That's life lj for you.
  • At least the profile page is not a WIP of doom and its finally up.
  • Love it or hate it, life moves on.

Generally, I'm much happier with LJ admin/news/heads this year than in the past year or two. At least they're getting things done >_> Am sad the new userpic slots aren't available yet.

Personally I find the new profile more functional (stats, people vs comm filters, '(hidden)' etc.). Gives me an excuse to revamp the bio XD I just like it when sites do revamps (e.g. DeviantART)

ETA: grrliz has an AWESOME post about the new profile that's worth reading.

Son of ETA: If anyone wants a quick glimpse of what the initial beta looked like in July, here and here. You can tell it's definitely changed with time.

Grandchild of ETA: Dug up grrliz's userinfo revamp idea of 2006

Yes and peeps have the option of leaving LJ 'cause they hate the profile page XD I just love the lack of perspective in these cases >_>

They mention that its on its way I think:

The new servers and data center are an investment in LJ's future; they also offer more immediate benefits, such as room for more userpics, improved energy efficiency, and, of course, cool new servers.

So they might be for both free and paid users *automatically ignores plus accounts lolol*
A profile change! The world is ending! They didn't tell me! Heh, no.

I read that and felt hope, but they did say in their last post that the announcement would be on the 6th (and delayed it then). I would rather them say something about another delay than just don't mention it at all.

I nearly did too. And thought that they were still called sponsored (um, are they?).
Hahaha yes

Aww, its still the 6th over here! I think they'll probably have something concrete to say after they do the server change thingy :)

I think sponsored are different and applies to something else - Plus just has the ads probably