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yet another post on your flist...

...on the new profile:
  • We will adapt.
  • It's the profile page, not the end of the world.
  • Still, 18+ pages of compaints aren't going to make it go away.
  • Both old and new versions had/have drawbacks. That's life lj for you.
  • At least the profile page is not a WIP of doom and its finally up.
  • Love it or hate it, life moves on.

Generally, I'm much happier with LJ admin/news/heads this year than in the past year or two. At least they're getting things done >_> Am sad the new userpic slots aren't available yet.

Personally I find the new profile more functional (stats, people vs comm filters, '(hidden)' etc.). Gives me an excuse to revamp the bio XD I just like it when sites do revamps (e.g. DeviantART)

ETA: grrliz has an AWESOME post about the new profile that's worth reading.

Son of ETA: If anyone wants a quick glimpse of what the initial beta looked like in July, here and here. You can tell it's definitely changed with time.

Grandchild of ETA: Dug up grrliz's userinfo revamp idea of 2006

I'm just a bit O.o at all the people who are insisting that LJ sprung this on us unawares. Um. Did they not see the trillion news posts? Or the "please beta test the new profile" blurb that was on the top navigation bar of every single noncustomized comment page for months?


People. Seriously. Sigh.
It didn't effect their daily activities at the time so, nope.

And if LJ had forced the beta version on peeps they would have complained that the beta wasn't given an opt in. Now they're complaining because they DIDN'T opt in, DIDN't pay attention and had no clue about the beta page even though it was announced *headdesk*

There was really no winning in this situation for LJ.
I know! I never thought I'd say this after 2007, but dude, I really feel sorry for LJ right now. They're actually trying to do something the right way and they still get shouted down.

*headdesks along with you*
Definitely sympathise with the new management >_< I want to yell, WE'RE NOT ALL LIKE THOSE GUYS...but I have a feeling peeps who do like the change are afraid they're going to get mobbed and wanked for supporting the change *sigh*

There's at least one person whose deleted their positive comment *points above*, there are probably others.
Oh, I can imagine. I thought twice before mentioning I liked it in my journal and my flist isn't wanky. *G*

As much as I love LJ, sometimes the drama llama over every little thing drives me crazy. I want to just say, dudes, it's a profile page. The world is not ending. Trust me.
Glad you went ahead anyway :)

It's sad 'cause while peeps loathe change of things familiar and comfortable (even though they are NOT functional and efficient) the internet itself is all about change. And after the plus accounts, nav bar etc. you'd think they'd realise that unless the change makes them walk away from LJ, in the longterm its not really worth complaining about IMO