Brilliant. My computer is stupid so I recently lost my own screencaps from the first 20 eps or so. Gah. Now I can get back to vaguely thinking about making icons, thank you muchly! :D
Thanks, I'll probably use these in the future (credited you already in resource mems just in case!)
Awesome stuff. Will credit if used.

What is your opinion of FrameShots? Is it legit-- I am suspicious of independent software being sneaky with installation of unwanted tag-along programs. Also, the web site isn't clear-- does it cap from DVD, too?
Haha so weird, I just downloaded the series from you last week and now here I am downloading the screencaps. ^__^

Thanks a bunch!
I'll credit you if/when I use them <3
Thank you very much! I took the 1st episode (1500 caps! Yeah!) and credit you in my ressources post.
soul eater screencaps
you think you'll be able to do the rest of the soul eater series like this
Um # 10 says it's unavailable do you think you can check your link and see what's wrong just thought I give a heads up.