It's still to early for most peeps to warm up to it but I figured I might as well try to help XD
very cute! and the way it spans across makes it look super neat and compact!!

I'm thinking I wouldn't mind nicking the codes off you if it means less working from scratch for me >:D
Yeah, I wanted something that would make efficientuse of all that space \o/

Feel free to edit the codes till they're unrecognizable, lolol :3
Wow, me loves. (there's a surprise roflmao) It looks very spiff in the new profile. (is it an adaptation of one of your previous codes? It looks very like the one I'm using now, only...horizontal rather than vertical, as well as the awesome 'suits' theme thing going on...)

Either way, I love it and would use it too. :)

Lol, yeah, the old one you used is Color Stripes v 1.0 which I've been using for a while now too :) However, nearly everyone's narrow layouts don't really work with the new userinfo (doesn't flow all too well) so I figured this might be different :)

The suits came about 'cause I wanted to replace the + signs, tried all 5 characters to see which was best and realised I could just use all lolol
Very, very nice! I love it. It's perfectly centered and fits the new user page. ^^

I'd like it.
It's very similar to v1.0 which went into a vertical column - would have prob taken me longer to code from scratch - just took the old layout and added those profile codes XD
You're so damned proactive, it brings a tear to my eye. :D

I plan on spending part of today determine how I want to redo my profile layout; I've been putting it off until this thing went live.

I had a different idea I wanted to implement when the new profile went live, but this seemed to make better use of the space >_> In any case, can't wait to see your new userinfo *_*
I like it. It's so nice and organized. And I'd totally take it if I hadn't been working off and on at adapting a different design for like months now....*shakes fist at lj* C'est la vie. XD
Lol, I hate it when that happens >_< This was ne of the first times LJ''s announcements didn't get me really mad on the design front (navbar, ads on journals meant changing codes before *headdesk*)
- (Anonymous)
That's what I'd wanted *\o/* Wanted to reduce the length of the profile by making efficient use of the bio space :3
I think I will be using this if I ever get around to updating my profile. It looks really good with the new profile page.