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Profile Layout: Color Stripes v2.0

Profile Style: Color Stripes v2.0

Revamped my bio to match the new LJ profile XD

Preview (click for live preview )

The table will stretch according to the width of your browser window, just like the profile \o/

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\o/! *hearts*

Sankyuu, will be stealing using. *chuckles*


Ooh, I like this. It might make the icky new profile ... less icky [and a lot more pretty]. Many thanks!
holy coding, Batman!!

ty bb I will probably waste some time revamping seeing how I WOKE UP AT 7AM WHATTTTT
Ooh, pretty! I was just thinking that I'd need to re-do my profile to make it flow better with the new design. Now, I can be lazy, and just use your codes XD


Edited at 2008-11-07 12:20 pm (UTC)
this is lovely, thank you. but also.. i know this isn't the right place, the CSS. for the Light FX (or something along those lines) doesn't appear to be loading. D:
Yay, thank you! I really dislike the look of the new profile page, but this is going to make it all better :)))
I daresay you've made a lot of LJers happy. ::g::

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaank you. <3
omg i adore this! <333 qill credit when i use :D it's beautiful!