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Tip: Hiding communities on your profile

If you are a member of a community that:
  • you have posting access to
  • is a community you don't want others to KNOW you're a part of (for various legal and privacy issues)

You can go to the admin console and type in ban_set XXX where 'XXX' is the name of the community.

The community will still show up under posting access which is only visible to you in the new profile, but random folks won't be able to see your real community list XD

I have 260+ comms under posting access but only 5 listed at the moment under 'Member of '. For the communities I don't have posting access to, I listed them in a f-locked post for easy look up when I need them. This way, the profile becomes much shorter.

Alternatively you can hide the list of users who have friended you, but that just makes peeps whip out the LJ friend-of deprivacy wizard XD That site doesn't list comms though.

'Kay, that was my last post on the userinfo. Will be travelling this weekend to visit family \o/

That's a handy tip. Thanks!

Also, I just noticed that the links (interests, friends, communities, etc.) in your profile are underlined like in the old design! How, how, how did you manage to get that to stay the same? Unless it's just randomly done that itself...
Okay, very handy and thanks for the tip! Mem'd this.

And have a safe trip!
Very useful tip! :D

Quick question, since I just got around to doing this today--how do you un-ban them if you need/want to later?

Also, do they get a notification that you've banned them? I'd hate to get dropped from fannish comms because I'd "banned" them when I was really trying to protect myself from RL snooping. :(

Alrighty, now I'm really confused and I'm very sorry, but I think you're the only person I know that can help me :(. I'm trying to ban_set communities from my profile so that they don't appear on my "watching" list. I went through and set all the bans according to the instructions here, and that worked, sort of. What actually happened is that now those communities no longer appear under my member of list (which is already hidden) but they still appear in my watching list. Is this a bug? I'm so confused at this point.

And, very sorry for spamming you.

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