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Just a scratch page of links to stuff  and notes on what to catch up on. God, I'm so f*cking behind and its all stuff that I want to do and not me being my usual procrastinating self *headdesk*

H/D = OTP Rec List
Check for broken links + UPDATE SOON
mistful's old fic
marksykins Terrible/Perfect
Furiosity's Down Together
silentauror's Resistance
Emmagrant's The Next Best Thing

H/D fics to Read
New Author pimping links
Catch up on the rec journals
The fics nominated on the hp masterlist
potterpostings for june
harrydraco new authors with fics
mahaliem's fic
ixchelmala's fic recs in memories
cutecoati's Sight Unseen
Furiosity's Sin For Me
Furiosity's The Last Time
Furiosity's The Unbearable Ease of Existence
Furiosity's All I Have Left
Furiosity's Whatever Life Brings
Aja's Twelfth Night
serpentinelion's masterlist of wishes
silentauror's The Race ???
Remix Redux
dracofiend's fic
Intempesta Nox's fic
hpde_smutathon's masterlist
fatale's fic
dragon_charmer's fic
sionnain's fic
regan-v's fic
willysunny's fic
kaalee's fic
mahoganyhandle's fic
fireelemental79's fic
lovely-slyth's Road Block
lovely-slyth's Asked
lovely-slyth's Presumptuous
Emma Grant's Downloading porn
ofscarletwoman's fic
prillalar's fic
fleshdress' fic
Maxine's All The Answers
Celandine Brandybuck's Better Than Revenge
Anna Fugazzi's Bond
Dacro's Charcoal
Squirrelchaser's Fine Lines
1ightning's Free
Lani's No Chances
Fourth Rose's The Life in Your Years
velvetblood-fic's And One To Grow On
memphisgreen's fic
1ightning's Masterpiece
lightning's King Of All Excuses
Constance1's fic
SilverDragon1610's fic
moonflower-rose's fic
Brighid's fic
Eeyore9990's fic
Sevfan's fic
Alisanne's fic
Vorabiza's fic

SPN fics to Read
lyra_wing's latest drabbles
magickly recs
angstslashhope's recs
ignipes' Never Summer
Lady Ophelia's Grace

Other fics to read
a-kindara's Narnia recs - MUST READ ASAP
oxoniensis' crossover recs
rec50's original slash recs

To Do:
Sam/Dean Directory of Rec Lists & Rec Journals???
love_shine_mp3's new music - MUST DOWNLOAD
spn_anniversary - MUST put up wishlist tommorrow!
update directory - get latest searches, add the hd directory community to list
spn mood theme make
save fav icons...and comment...

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