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Weekend catachup

[001] It was scary (yet cool) to discover so many comments for the new lj profile codes I posted O_O Probably just the timing but it still made me all \o/ through the weekend :)

[002] I introduced my sis to Caramelldansen via this vid. The song got stuck in her head for a bit and I burst into dance. She wouldn't dance with me though :(

[003] l_vera01 pointed out the 2009 pics for Du Stade are out. Lots of hot nude male athletes, so, not to be missed :F

[004] In April, August and September, I posted every single day, most of the time more than once. So I really don't think signing up to NaBloPoMo would actually change my posting habits, lolol.

Plus, in this first week of November I've already made 16 posts XD Will take rain check for next year -___- I think peeps would be happier if I challenged myself to post LESS for the month - less spammage, y/y?


[006] Driving back from Irving with the sun in my face started a headache. All I wanna do is go to sleep but have stuff that needs doing D:

[007] Semi-random Q: Are there any animes/shows y'all wished had screencaps but just don't seem to have any available online?
I love that Caramelldansen parody the best out of the many I've watched. I played that over and over until it stuck into my brother's head and he used that song as one of his phone's ringtones. lol.

NOOOOO! MORE POSTING! NOT LESS! Okay, I'd miss you tremendously if you post less, like missing my right hand. *clings*

You mean like series that are streaming and not available via torrents?
WE ARE EVIL SIBLINGS LOL. Though if I had it as a ringtone, I'd probably never pick up my phone, distracted by the song as I would be XD


*headdesk* typo typo - I meant series that are lacking in screencaps that people might really want for icon making purposes etc ...
IT'S THE BEST ANNOYING RINGTONE EVER. Every time I hear that, I try to do that dance with the flappy bunny ears moves.

I DON'T KNOW. MINE WAS DULL BEFORE I MET YOU. SRSLY. You bring so many news and stuff that I squee with glee whenever I see your posts.

For me, it's Le Chevalier d'Eon. I never screencapped it and trying to find screencaps of that is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Another is Tower of Druaga.
YES YES - I may look like a complete idiot but !!! CAN'T RESIST

I CAN ALWAYS SQUEE WITH YOU, GAAAAAAH ♥ I know I must have made most of the flist go WTF at some point but you are hhsgahjshjdhdkj - LOVE

Oooooh, Chev is pretty too *_* Druaga will prob get more icons if the second season is great ^_^ Those two do have screencap potential tho

Wouldn't it be great if we actually got together and do that dance? I'll have you know that I am actually grinning as I write that.

I am so never letting you go! NEVAH.

I just want lots of Maximilien Robespierre. Such a pretty, pretty man.
YESYESYESYES - the world would never be the same again with that awesomeness


And hot too :F Ah, am a sucker for eyecandy so *_*

You're not the only one. I see a pretty boy character, squee and go to pieces over him. Have you discovered Tales of Vesperia? There are plenty eyecandy there to feast on, specially Yuri (in my icon).
But but but, when there are days with 5 posts in 24hours, I know I'm drowning the flist ;_; Peeps' eyes probably glaze over and automatically skip the posts by then D: There are times I have a feeling there are prob guys that facepalm and go STFU already :( How did I go from lurker to spammer this year?
I think maybe you're just picking up the slack from all of us that have fallen further onto the lurker end of the scale than we used to be.
Here's hoping its all just a phase and the balance in the world will be restored soon XD
[007] FMA (meaning not the movie sequel, which you did). I mean, I'd love to see *your* screencaps (and hope there's lots of Scar. And Alex Lous Armstrong. And Al with the cat.).

Also, go away, bad headache, or else! :)
Oooh, I'm quite sure there's at least one person who capped the entire anime - but capping from dvd rips I'm not sure *_*

(btw, saw your FMA post of love over the weekend and started cheering despite my sis talking to me XD Meant to proritise family but your post was ever so distracting , haha)

I just took some tablets and am in bed >_>
Oh, I've seen quite a few posts with FMA caps and sampled some of them. But I'd take quality over quantity, and small but interesting selection over a gazillion caps :)

Oh well, I'll get off your back if you make me a few caps with scar from DVD that could be used as desktop :) *is not even a broad hint* :D
OMG. You are evil. I've been marathoning Soul Eater when I should be studying more. Oh well. I've passed most of subjects already... >.>

I salute those hot, nude athletes! They do such a great service for all straight women and gay men ^________~
Lol the only reason my eyes would glaze over is cuz those guys are so freaking hot I blacked out XD Thanks for sharing.
I havent seen any Toradora icons so I really want to make my own...

other than that i havent the faintest