askldasd shiny~ great job with these!! was semi-tempted by v3.0 but I should know better than to mess with a good thing ;D
lolol, true XD Plus the title for the lemon yellow on your userinfo might end up too light >_< But vskdhkhfslasdjka *GLOMPTACKLE*
Color Stripes v4.0 is pretty!! Meming for future usage. :>
I'm so going to use one of these. Right now, I'm working with 4.0. I'm making some minor changes, and I love it!
nifty! took style 1 for my userinfo (moved the credit part to my, err, credit area tell me if that's okay that way)
These are great. Using the first with, with credit of course!

Thanks for sharing!
ah, good good! will be using all with my various comms and things around the place, with credit of course. ♥
Thanks for sharing these - they're fixing my mood for the sudden userinfo change! :)
These are EXCELLENT, love!

A bit off topic, but it's worth a try. Do you still have Photoshop CS3 uploaded anywhere? My new computer ships out to me next week and I'm working frantically to get everything in order so that reinstalling all of my most used software is ready to go. My current computer runs XP and I've been using CS2, but I remember you mentioning that Vista runs CS3 much better. I figured it was worth asking!

Also, thank you SO MUCH for Illustrator, I'm having a devil of a time using it but it's still very nice to have once I get it mastered!