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new crossover otp?

[001] Watched the sixth episode of Beautiful People and god, I hope it gets continued. It's just an incredibly awesome show. Also watched the anime Lovely Complex last week which was fun and a lot of laughs :)

[002] New posters for the Star Trek Movie (click for full size):

I photoshopped them so that they're brighter. l_vera01 has the originals here. The movie might be visually stunning but I have worries about the script :< So many movies have lots of eyecandy but lack a good storyline.

[003] If you're in need of a laugh, furiosity posted the most incredible stick figures drawings ever.

[004] I am THIS close to giving in and doing an Edward & Hitsugaya picspam. They are just so fabulous - especially next to each other *_* I would totally ship them together 'cause THEY'RE THE PERFECT HEIGHT TOO
Yes yes, Beautiful People is lots and lots of fun. *_* Haven't watched episode 6 yet, though.

Ed + Hitsu = XDDD. MY NEW OTP! Ok, not really ... but only because I'm not into cross-series!
Zach should keep his eyebrows like that. I like them better than his real ones. *stifles an insane urge to pluck them for him*

I am THIS close to giving in and doing an Edward & Hitsugaya picspam.

Give in! You know you want to. ^____^ Edward is the only character who comes close to knocking Duo off from his place as my #1 anime guy. ♥
Ooh thank you for the Star Trek posters. I can't wait to see it. But I too fear the script.

also I hope the ST movie will be good aslkjdalsd idk i want to watch it just to see Simon Pegg's Scottish accent XD
Weirdly, I am more optimistic about a JJ movie plot than anything he's done on TV. I do hope he pulls through in the end. Also, thank you for cleaning them up so that they're brighter!!
Hitsugaya would be taller a bit, I think, due to his hair but then Edward has that little cowlick... hmm.
Chris Pine~~~~~

He was so hot in PD2, but now he made me melt... LOL.
Well. Do the Pic spam. For the greater good! XD;

If the script does turn out to bad, hopefully it will make great macros?
Sorry that this is a really random comment but I sometimes read your journal because I noticed how interesting some of your entries were after discovering your layouts ^^;; and now I have to address point 4.

Did you know that both Edward Elric and Toshiro Hitsugaya are voiced by Paku Romi? :DDDDD alkdjfalsdf ironic love!
You're icon makes me think of you. You're not short, you're uniquely tall.