* twiddles fingers

Eeek, Black Friday!

First thing I see on Amazon is the Black Friday sale countdown. Only 2 weeks more!

Which makes me curious as to the shopping habits of the flist so here's a poll...

Poll #1296600 Black Friday!

For Black Friday, what are you interested in getting?

Electronics (computers, TVs etc.)
Books,Movies,Music,Games etc.
Stuff for the Home (Furniture et all)
Beauty stuff (perfume, cosmetics etc)
Sporting gear

Are you going to be waiting in line overnight for early doorbuster gifts?


If you're doing the sales on Black Friday, any particular stores/outlets in mind?

Have you gotten any awesome stuff from Black Friday sales before? IIf yes, what were they?

I still remember waiting at a Best Buy from 11pm thanksgiving with a friend and we STILL didn't get any doorbusters ;_; But there were some other items I did manage to get before they sold out in the first hour or two. Though just thinking of the lines for checkout makes me all D: D:

I usually head over to the outlet stores at San Marcos though.
You couldn't pay me enough to fight the crowds after Thanksgiving! I'd rather spend twice the money than deal with the hassle. Just ... yuk! :-D
Well, its not just the sales in person, but also the ones online. BestBuy,Buy.com, Amazon - most stores have amazing deals even online :)
Is this some American thing? I've never heard of it before *sheepish* I know in Canada, there's Thanksgiving sales, but our Thanksgiving is in October...

(all these different holidays make my head hurt LOL)

Black Friday accounts for some of the most consumer spending in shops on a single day in the states - huge sales basically :)
Oh wow, I see...sort of like the equivalent to our Boxing Day sales then. (which are absolute MAYHEM and utter MADNESS and I will never go to another one as long as I live *shudders* Just...no...) Line-ups are crazy, the ppl are even crazier... *dies*

No worries, I was going to ask the same thing *lol* Don't worry, we have the real thanksgiving ^_~
My mom might try to buy a TV on black friday but I don't think I will be buying anything specifically myself.
I know a few peeps who are huntng for HDs on black friday XD Electronics are alweay a big draw
When I was an ickle, my grandmother would drag me down to only local department store (which has way since been devoured by Wallyworld) at 5am on Black Friday to wait in line. They gave out these steep discounts coupons for the first hundred people in line (like... 20% off your whole order? something like that). And my Gram would tell be I could get $x amount and that was how I got all of my Christmas presents from her. XDD

I don't really remember anything specifically awesome off hand, except those talking Michelle dolls from Full House. XD
Those sales exclusively for the very first few people in through the doors on black friday morning :)
Every year, I work Black Friday.

And every year, I wish with every fiber of my being that murdering someone in a public place was made legal and without reprucussions.
Honestly, I do all my shopping online. Really. Makes life so much easier.

Why do they call it Black Friday? Any significant of that day, aside from sales?
Black Friday is the day I stay in bed and hide under the blankets and try to stay out of the way of the frenzied shoppers. They're mad, I tell ya! MAD!
The sales are a lie! Seriously, my mom and I always go to the mall on Black Friday just to hang around and check things out, and we never see omg!amazing deals. You can usually find better deals by just checking out a store on a regular basis and looking for the sales and clearance that never get advertised.
Don't have thanksgiving in Australia so no black friday. Though we do have Boxing day (day after Xmas, I'm still unsure why it is called boxing day :P) sales. I once went to the Melbourne Myer (huge department store) cos I wanted to see what it was like (and sales~). It was chaos. But I scored a cool pair of shoes that were over 50% off. I view shopping as a hunting endeavour. Hunt for the best sales, the best items and return home victorious.

...I understand why you think I'm odd (now?). XD
I don't leave my house/apartment/abode on the day after Thanksgiving. Too much crazy shit.