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Icon Meme!

Not sure where I found this damnit. But its definitely fun so thought I'd try to fit em in...maybe there's space for new categories...like Most Embarassed, Most Pwned or Most Stupid...

Check my userpics page for credits for the icons ^__^

Current Default Icon:

Ah, always felt the most connection to this icon - the movement, and Heath is always wonderful and despite the fact that this is a base and not an icon...it really doesn't matter IMO.

Oldest Icon:
Well, this is secon oldest since I have never changed my default, ever.

Clueless, yes, that movie is a classic. Its scary how a single word can make me recall a reaction that occured in the movie >__>

Newest Icon:

Jane from Pride & Prejudive (the BBC version). Wanted something that couldn't obviously be tied down to any one particular fandom...but still brings back memories :)

Saddest Icon:
That's about the saddest I get. Never really weepy and if it were worse...I wouldn't be using an icon. Some things just can't be relayed, especially Major Angst.

Happiest Icon:

Umm, its odd that I seem to associate extremes of ups and downs with chibis and Sam & Dean.

Angriest Icon:

But the runner ups are:  &  &
And if not for The Fifth Element, the same would apply here...

Cutest Icon:
 &  &
Ah, I just realize that there are way too many 'cute' icons up...yeesh the chibis are EVERYWHERE!

Sexiest Icon:
OMG I don't have a 'sexy' icon! WTF? Okay, Boyd is the closest thing to Teh Sex so yeah. Wait there's also one of Jensen that might fit...

Most Humourous Icon:
 &  &
Oye, be lacking in funny icons too. Ah, a BSG icon came through for me. And what's this? More SPN icons?

Favourite ship icon:
 &  &
Major ships are all represented so yay!

Favourite Fandom icon:
 &  &
Well, these icons make me think of the fandoms themselves so...

Icon used the most (other than default):
I tend to squee and wonder a lot...

Favorite Overall:
Ah, the blistering heat. Never fear though! Colin Firth can make it *all* better :F And how can I not love chocolates?

Icon I have with me in it:

My one self-icon :)

How many icons do you have in total? 94
How many can you have? 104
If you could buy space for more, would you? Yes, since I just realised, that man oh man, 100 isn't near enough.
What fandom do you have the most icons out of? SPN hands down.
The second most? Fullmetal Alchemist
What ship do you have the most icons out of? Sam/Dean
How do you categorize your icons? By fandom, character/pairing, and what I associate with the pic itself in my head.
Are your icons mostly made by other users? About 20 of 'em are my creations but yes, most are made by others
Animated icons are...painful. They get old very quickly.
In general, I think icons...rock. Plain and simple.

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