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Narnia bloopers = WIN!

Prince Caspian bloopers involve lots of falling over, a bit of dancing and flailing too - and even an inappropriate sneeze XD Here's all of it!

Yeah, lots of falling XD Will falling down the stars and continuing to fight made me LOL so hard - the armor makes so much frickin' noise ^o^

Have so much love for Skandar, Georgie, Will and Anna ♥

likecharity talks about the bloopers here , hahaha
Aww, that was super cute. Everytime I see something about these kids, it makes me wish I'd gotten into the fandom from the start - now I feel it's way too late.
I love how Caspian's face consistently says "None of you are as hot as me. Learn to walk without falling on your face by the next movie, 'kay?"
Georgie is so cute! I loved how the Will and Skander were dancing in unison with each other (they practiced together ;P) and Anna! Yay.

Thanks for the link.