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[001] parle @ baking posted Wing!icons:



Can't decide which to use but I really can't shove another poll at y'all. I WILL FIGURE IT OUT...AT SOME POINT.

[002] LJ posted a notice above the profile for feedback. I love the new management so much ;_; It made me want to bitchslap the peeps who keep posting comments saying basically DONOTWANT one liners/paragraphs. For the first time, I wish I had a userscript on my browser to hide comments that made my fingers twitchy >_<

[003] After watching peeps on campus and in labs sneeze and sneeze, I've finally caught a cold and I feel sucky now D: Gonna go make some coffee.
Hyaah, your campus pals must have spread their germs over because I have been sneezing a lot in the last few days. And feel better soon, bb. *hugs*

How many can you use? I pick the first and second one on top and the second one on bottom.
002 - killfile? Yeah, I thought about installing it yesterday, but I don't know... I'm just not very good at keeping my head in the sand. I'll keep my distance from things, but to make it so that I can't see danger coming, lol, seems like a bad idea. :P

I'm so glad they made that list, because I was starting to feel frustrated... and I like the new design, lol. I also like the thread collection posts. Very handy.
I have a couple of issues with the layout, but it's lame to scream about not wanting, when they should be finding ways to make it better. :/

p.s I like the fourth icon the best.
I like her icons a lot. If I didn't always prefer icons with text, I'd snag a few.
Y'know, you might be able to ask her to add text on one that you love. She's pretty awesome in that sense (or at the very least you could mention Wing icons + text)

The pretties, they are. I like the second one best; says so much even without text.