I just wanna say that I don't mind all your posts about ideas for the profile design. Elsewhere on my flist people are just bitching about how much they dislike it; no one is trying to design it to make it work for them.
Aaaah *hug* I figured most peeps wer prob sick of reading about the profile (go or bad) >_>

I know there were a few peeps who gave feesback for earlier betas and were ignored and others who gave feedback this time round and didn't have their suggestions implemented so I figured I'd link, and if anyone's interested they can take a look see :)
Not bad. But I like it that they put bio under basic info. So I don't have to scroll down for the relevant info. Why do you think bio should be put above the base stuff?
The points listed wanted bio higher and I tried doing that.

My favorite though is where name, birthdate etc is at the top, stats are at the bottom and bio is the second section So as the 'final idea' comment shows:

Userpic+Basic Info
More Info (schools, aim, misc info etc)

Having stats at the bottom would allow us to just use the End key to get to them immediately :)

Personally though, name/age/loctiion has never been a big deal for me since fandom has alwys been about going beyond that XD Right now the basic info section is collapsed for me and I never look at it on most profiles.
Personally though, name/age/loctiion has never been a big deal for me

Haha. You've never been a mod to an age-restricted community, have you? ;) For that reason, it would also be good if Bio could be seen without scrolling - as some profiles don't show birth date and there's an age statement instead of it - so I also approve of your final idea.

But actually, am I really the only person who likes the new profile page better than the old one? It used to annoy me greatly that there was a blank space on the left side of the bio - I was never be able to make something properly centered. Ha ha.
So the final idea option would def be the best alternate mock up idea in that case XD

I adore the new profile functionality but the hundreds of complaints on the feedack/improvement pages drive me insane. I'd like to see some of those complaints negated, hence the mockups. Everything is a work in progress ultimately so I hope LJ continues to improve it :)
I haven't read those complaints but the ones I've seen on my f-list were mostly complaints about any kind of change at all, which is stupid. If there were no changes, LJ would be an endless wall of rock with everyone having their own little ledges for their own animal drawings. Okay, stupid allegory (and now I want a layout like that. Ahahaha!)