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If you've not been getting email notifications for comments suddenly, go here and make sure the following option is checked:

Someone replies to any comment I make*

Managed to miss several comments myself - hope I found all of them D: I wish there were a place on the latest comments page for the latest 25 replies to comments we made.
That's like gift certificate balance - istead of using paypal/credit cards, you can use that balance to pay for virtual gifts or help pay partially for more userpics/renewal of account/rename token :)
Interesting... I'm a bit puzzled as to why I have a $2 balance, but I don't suppose you'd be able to answer that. Thanks for the reply. :)
There were a few lj outages over the years and I think they credited peeps with a dollar or two 'cause of it. So yeah XD
I seem to remember getting my account payment extended for a month or two due to the outages, but hey, $2! lol Thanks for the help.