Resistance is futile...

I finally gave in and got a 1TB (1000 GB) external harddrive for $120 (using my new Amazon card to get a discount XD) Yay for free shipping!

Am all *_* at 1000 gigs of additional space for anything. Online free space is nice and all, but one can never tell when sites may close or delete certain *stuff* that you may have in the account >_>

It's almost 9 years since I first joined Amazon.com - my first order having been placed on December 2nd, 1999 and my first purchase online EVER.

Yeah, I was 13 yrs old >_> But dad had a credit card and I would do surveys online that gave me shiny amazon gift certificates (I think they were mainly from Vividence.com)

When did y'all make your first online purchase?
Ohh... that's a tough one. *Digs really deep into memory*

I suppose it would have been to buy a premium account on this game called Horse Land. I was probably 14, and I had to work a day in my family's video store in order to pay back my mom the 20 dollars so I could use her credit card.
Believe it or not, this year. XD Amazon.com for college textbooks. A laptop.

Don't think I'll ever be fully comfortable buying stuff online though - I like to SEE (and touch and feel and smell? XP) what I buy before buying it.
I can't even remember but I made so many since then at so many stores XD

But I was much older then 13 I know that at least.

edit: Actually it must have been when I was in college because I didn't get a credit card until then.

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Ah, I can't remember *iz teh old*

But my first amazon purchase, that I remember very well - it was an auction (do they even do this any longer), and I bought a CD for a friend that she's been looking for for, like, forever [/ use of 'for']. I had to send my credit card details via email to the vendor and was *FLAAAAIIIILL* with panic for several days. But her face when she unwrapped the parcel was totally worth it ;DD
I would LOVE to have a 1tb drive. We have a 500gb harddrive in a server computer, and we want to upgrade it. Maybe at Christmas we will invest in one :)

To answer your question, my first online purchase was some books from bookcloseouts.com two years ago :)

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1TB external harddrive? OMG, total win. I want!

Hmmm, I think it was two or three years ago for me. My parents don't ever trust buying stuff online, so I was under the influence, I suppose. :P
Livejournal paid account when I started my LJ. TRUFAX.

Also, I am getting a hard drive for Christmas but I can't remember the size. D:
My first purchase...hmmmm..it was either buying my mom a laptop or it was me buying my creative zep mp3 player some years ago.

What do you mean "stuff",do you mean illegal-ish stuff? Because I've had an xdrive account,it's an online storage file thing and they gave me 5GB...I filled it with music and stuff and when I logged in after a year or so,I was left with only less than 1GB....they fucking deleted the rest.

I'll never forgive them for this. :|

edit: I think it was my LJ account..or maybe a certain bracelet but I don't think that counts because I had to mail in the order but I did see the items online.

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