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another mockup, oye.

I thought my final idea mockup would be y'know, my final idea.

But no, stayed up and did another one - this one being quite different tho.

*repeatedly hits head against wall* I know it doesn't matter in the least, but can't help doing it anyway.

If interested, check it out - otherwise skip, skip, skip.

I can't read the current stats for shit, and it takes me at least fifteen seconds to find someone's memories. That is SUCH a weird place for them to stash it.
Some peeps say the fonts are tiny while other mention they're huge - I'm not ure wht sizing lj did to get that reaction *scratches head*

TBH, I never found mems easily on the old profile except when hunting for the text link - now that its so high, its a snap/ But I do get that peeps prob want mems/tags linked at the top but stats at the bottom.
AH. I was referring to the stats up top. Memories is written in tiny 10 px, and against the headers of the sections below that could probably be bumped down a few notches, it looks really weird.

I keep expecting it to be lower because I'm so used to scrolling to down find it -_-; It was normal-sized in the old profile, and on the same level with interests, comms, etc, so that made sense to me. They can keep it where it is, I'd just like it BIGGER.
Oh yeah, in all the mockups Ive tried to keep the font in sections a standard size. This is the nly time title/sub are bigger though.

I figure if its at the bottom peeps can use the end key to skip to them or mods can collapse the sections before stats when they're doing stat checks for applications for membership :)