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Things on feeds :)

Didn't open Feed Reader for two weeks and went through hundreds of feeds today. And then managed to delete a day's worth of feeds by mistake. Unfortunately, unlike with Opera, there is no un-delete in Feed Reader ;_;

[001] legomymalfoy pointed it out and lifehacker also has pics of gmail's new themes.

[002] OMGWTF, a Monopoly game movie by Ridley Scott? The same dude who did Gladiator? And Alien? Whoa.

[003] bzzinglikeneon and grrliz have started a LJ layout appreciation community called infusive. It made me realise most of the shiny personal lj layouts I've seen...were by them >_<

There was one I liked a lot but it got changed - it was by malionette and was a tan and red variation of this layout. It's no longer online, alas.

Looking through old posts did have me updating the images used in my old layouts \o/ It's been offline for months but its nice to go down memory lane once in a while.

[004] I love having my gmail hooked up to my Opera browser mail client. But for everyone else, there is Zenbe which looks incredibly spiffy. With Twitter capabilities of some sort too! And task lists and more innovative bits to come ^_^

[005] From PSD to XHTML - so THAT'S how they do it o_O

[006] GossipGirl!Young X-Men spin-off? Why god, why? Isn't GG enough? *whimpers*

[007] Recipes online from super famous chefs!

[008] Gorgeous night photographs @ smashing magazine. Image heavy but so much shiny!
Good post. :D

Gmail themes smexy! Must have now.

I spent an hour yesterday adding feeds for software updates that don't update themselves to my reader. Things like plug-ins and scripts. Plus feeds for the software discussion forums. Some good wank on those. :P

And now, to spend an hour at smashingmagazine. Ah, you ruin me. :P