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drama illama known as the profile page

Need to hit the sack but came across something pretty interesting in regards to the profile!drama. If you or anyone else was wondering why LJ keeps redesigning stuff that doesn't seem to need fixing - this thread highlights a few things.

Ultimately it really is about usability and while we might have gotten comfortable with old designs, they didn't necessarily work for newbies. Certain peeps mentioned the possibility in recent posts and the thread kinda drives the point home IMO. It's not really about you and me - we overcame the inherent issues that the majority of peeps in the studies pretty much give up on.

I really don't think there's any going back to the old design for LJ. Towards the end they also clarify the difference with offering site schemes vs. multiple profile designs and on the technical side, each is a completely different issue.

LJ can't offer opt outs for everything - in the long term it means increasing fragmentation and development time and probably also changes in the future that might be incompatible with older designs >_>

At least they're willing to take feedback for improvement, which is something rarely seen with other sites.
That's retarded, I had no problem figuring out the old profile and how it worked. The one thing that DID confuse me the most is the CSS coding with layout codes, I can never get layouts right so I don't even bother. They should fix that and make it more easy for newbies rather than messing with the easy stuff. :/
You might not have had a problem but usability studies and research done behind the scenes showed that other peeps did.

CSS coding is pretty much the same all across the web so I don't really think its an LJ issue in that sense - and at least we can always head to free_layouts or mintyapple for options even if we don't code stuff ourselves :)

On most other blog sites, peeps can't even choose colors for parts of the layout - they just choose from the default colorschemes/layouts available :(
I am still kind of amazed that this caused the amount of drama it did. That thread really has a lot good points about things I hadn't considered though. Especially in regards to the usability of the old profile for newer users.
I like the new profile - well, the design is a little clunky, but I like how things are labelled clearly, rather than just little icons. I remember finding LJ really confusing when I first joined - it took quite a while for it to become second nature to me, and a lot of that was that everything was icons rather than text.

The whole drama about the profile thing makes me *eyeroll* a bit, I must confess. I mean, how long do you really spend looking at profiles, anyway?!
I think that's a good point. Even though I'd figured out the old system, the fact that there is now a button for "POST" on comm pages rather than figuring out it's the little pencil doohickey that does it, pleases me quite a bit. I can totally see how the site has not been entirely user friendly for n00bs. :)
Yeah, it makes sense. When I first started, I did find LJ intimidating to an extent. I didn't mind taking the effort to learn the ropes, but I think quite a few people might be spooked off. In fact, I've had friends who told me they just didn't 'get' LJ, saying that it's way too complicated.